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Good feeling going into international break

FC St. Pauli drew 1-1 with FC Heidenheim on Saturday in the last game before the international break. After 90 intense minutes of football, we bring you the post-match reaction from the mixed zone.

Uwe Stöver (director of sport): “It’s a pity we didn’t take all three points. Our goal was really well made. Heidenheim were very organised and had the players to get a result. They are very disciplined in their set-up and good at closing down space. That made it difficult for us today. Our strikers are all playing well at the moment. Our coach is spoilt for choice every week and he has always made the right decisions in the past few weeks."

Sami Allagui: "It feels like we’ve dropped two points. I think we played well in the first half. As in the Kiel game, we weren’t clinical enough in front of goal to take the lead. Despite that, we didn’t let our heads drop after conceding a soft goal. We fought back really well after that. We have to remember we played very good opponents today."

Marvin Knoll: "With the goal, I wanted the ball on the left because I saw the space there. Then Sami provided a good pass, I made a diagonal run and I saw Henk in the middle. He put it away well. Overall, we played really well, especially in the first half-hour when we had the fans behind us straightaway. Even though we just got the one point, I’m still happy with it. I’d prefer to play again straightaway but a break like this might do us good and give us a chance to think about other things.”

Daniel Buballa: “To be honest, we’re more disappointed. Of course, we’re happy about playing well and the point but we have to make more of our domination of games at the end of the day. We lacked the necessary focus. It’s difficult to prevent the opposition having a chance at some point. But we can be happy with the way things are going.”

Philipp Ziereis: “We put in a huge effort after going behind. Today we didn’t have the luck we had in recent games. At the same time, you have to remember we were playing a good team. We held on to the ball well, stayed calm and defended well. That gives us a good feeling going into the international break.”

Johannes Flum: “Heidenheim are like a small Gallic village. They play good football but aren’t really taken that seriously. It feels like we’ve dropped two points. It’s annoying we didn’t take one of the few chances and then dozed off ourselves. We definitely have to talk about having 14 corners and not being able to pose a threat on goal. But we have to remember our development and mentality are right.”

Norman Theuerkauf (FC Heidenheim): “I had a chance just before the equaliser. It would have been 2-0 if I’d have hit the ball better. We’ve achieved our minimum target with the point. It could have been three but it’s ok as it is.”

Robert Glatzel (FC Heidenheim): “Perhaps we should have made it 2-0. At the end of the game, we had to hold on to the one point and we’re happy with the result. I’m happy to have had the chance of playing here. There’s always a great atmosphere at the Millerntor.”


Photo: Witters

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