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After the goalless draw against Heidenheim; we gathered all the reaction from the two head coaches and the players. 

Head coach Jos Luhukay: "All in all, I think we can live with the draw. In the opening stages we had problems winning the tackles. After they missed the penalty, we came more into it. We had a lot more control in the second half, had more movement in our challenges and dictated much of the play. With a bit of luck, we could have won it in the closing stages with the header from James Lawrence, but the ball went wide of the post. We have to live with the draw when we see how the game went."

FCH coach Frank Schmidt: "I'm a bit disappointed, I have to say, because we clearly dominated the game overall. We created plenty of chances. The biggest opportunity was the penalty. But St. Pauli had a dangerous counterattack in that phase, where we had to be on our toes. The game ebbed and flowed after the penalty miss and there was lots of pressing. There was a lot of emotion in the game even without the fans, something we hadn't had before. Not having scored ourselves, I'm glad we were able to keep a clean sheet and take a point."

Robin Himmelmann: "We had a few problems early on against good, aggressive opponents, but after the penalty we were more in it and gave Heidenheim less space. In the second half we played well and either side could have scored. Both teams fought hard. It was very lively. We can be satisfied with the point even though we'd have liked to have won."

Waldemar Sobota: "We wanted to show a reaction after our last away game at Darmstadt – and I think that's what we did. We had some problems in the first 15 minutes, but then we had a lot of control. We were a bit lucky that he missed the penalty, but we had a few chances of our own and with a bit of luck could have scored. As it is, we have to live with the point."

Johannes Flum: "I think it was a big improvement on the Darmstadt game. We knew we were up against a team who from the top end of the table who exert a lot of control. I really liked the way we gave as good as we got right to the final second. That was the foundation and it was a lot of fun. I need to have another look at the situation that led to the penalty. My feeling during the game was that it wasn't a penalty. Overall, though, it was a point won for us."

James Lawrence: "In the first 25 minutes we took some time to find answers to the way Heidenheim were playing. They caused us problems, especially with long balls forward and on the break. We gradually got the game under control, though. In the second half we did better than in the first. We all fought for each other and for every ball and every yard. We functioned very well as a team. That, and the way we came back after the setback at Darmstadt, was very positive. I thought my header was going in just before the end. It went inches wide but that's football. Heidenheim also had a huge chance just before that, so a draw's a fair result."

Luca Zander: "It was a very intense game with lots of tackles. There were chances at both ends. With a bit of luck, we could have won today. Everyone watching on TV will have seen how hard we fought. Heidenheim came to the Millerntor with high ambitions and it was clear we had to deal with that, but we also knew we had the quality.“

Tim Kleindienst (FC Heidenheim): "We played really well, especially early on. We lacked that bit of luck today, which is very annoying because we were the better team. We ran at them and did all we could, but we didn't get the ball over the line. We're pleased with every point we get, though."


Photos: Witters