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After the derby win at HSV, the on-pitch celebrations with the fans continued without interruption in the dressing room. Understandably, the mood was one of jubilation. Here's the best of the reaction.

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "We struggled in the first 15 minutes, let's not forget that amid all the euphoria and jubilation. We had problems closing them down and there were big gaps in midfield. If we'd gone behind at that point, it could have gone very differently. We haven't been blessed with much luck recently, so it was only right we survived the opening stages. We did better after that, though, and showed more courage. We got two goals from three chances and saw the game home with some tenacious defending, though we could have put it to bed earlier with a third goal. We're delighted with the three points."

Robin Himmelmann: "You can't always explain football. In our last home game, we had 20 shots, today we had three chances and scored twice. That's crazy. That's why we love the game so much. We gave little away after the restart. With the way we closed them down, we didn't let HSV play and that's how we won. We're absolutely delighted, of course. Wins like these are obviously more emotional. Our fans have asked us about the derby repeatedly in the last few weeks. We're delighted to have given them this moment."

Dimitrios Diamantakos: "Winning here today is simply superb! I was obviously delighted to start. It doesn't matter whether we play with one or two strikers, we can do both. Today, the coach went with two strikers. I have a great understanding with Henk. I would have liked to have scored myself, but that wasn't important today. Only the win was."

Rico Benatelli: "It was a sensational feeling to be on the pitch today and celebrate with the fans after the final whistle. Ending our away curse at long last was very important. Tactically, we were very bold today and we're delighted our plan came off. We've been able to give something back to the fans by winning this prestigious duel against HSV, of all games. It's a shame my goal was disallowed. I've never scored with a header like that, but today that doesn't matter. Winning the derby is the only thing that matters."

Leo Østigård: "Perhaps we were a bit too nervous before the game and in the opening stages. A lot went against us in our last game, today we were lucky. We scored two fantastic goals. We can really enjoy it today. The win was important for us as a team and for the fans. We gave them what they wanted. It's the biggest game I've been involved in so far. I'm absolutely delighted with the win. When I looked at the clock ten minutes before the end, I thought we simply have to survive the last few minutes. It was a tough battle and HSV came at us again. It was an incredible feeling when the final whistle went."

Waldemar Sobota: "I need to take a breather first, the game took a lot out of us. We only let HSV play for 15 minutes and we had had a bit of luck. After the opening goal we gave little away and didn't let HSV back into it. They couldn't unleash their good build-up play the way they wanted to. It's a really good win in the end and we'll celebrate, even though my thoughts are already on the Osnabrück game. If winning the derby is to have any meaning, we have to win again against Osnabrück."

Marvin Knoll: "It's an awesome feeling. I was hoping to start but I gave my all once I came on. I was able to introduce some mentality and a certain mood. HSV started very well but we got the goals. We could have added a third after the break, that would have put the game to bed early. You don't win away for ages and then you go to HSV and win. That's football. We can enjoy it today. But winning the derby will count for nothing if we don't get the results in the next few games. Mentally, it was so, so important today."

Martin Harnik (HSV): "We were outstanding in the first 20 minutes, but only hit the bar and the post. The ball simply wouldn't go in. The first time we lost the ball St. Pauli took the lead with their first shot on goal. We should have been more attentive there because we knew they were capable of threatening. They then got a second goal with their second shot. We tried everything after that but could have kept going for days without scoring."

Tim Leibold (HSV): "That's not how we envisaged it going today. We had three or four really good opportunities early on and should have scored. St. Pauli then had three shots on goal and two went in. The second goal was the turning point, we let our heads drop after that. St. Pauli held a deep line and defended well."


Photos: Witters