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Hürzeler: "Mustn't fall in love with success, but with the habits that bring success"

The Boys in Brown entertain SV 07 Elversberg in the third-last home game of the season on Sunday (14 April, 13:30). In the run-up, head coach Fabian Hürzeler took time out to answer questions from the media at the customary pre-match news conference.

Fabian Hürzeler on…

...the personnel situation: "It's easing a little. Eric Smith and Connor Metcalfe are back from suspension, Philipp Treu is training again, and Oladapo Afolayan is back completely. In Hauke Wahl we'll be without one our leaders, but we have lots of other players. Long-term absentees Simon Zoller and Scott Banks are still in recovery training. With Sören Ahlers and Carlo Boukhalfa, we're taking things week by week. Carlo has a hip problem, Sören a knee problem. I can't say when they'll be back yet. All in all, things are looking better, though we do need the depth."

...analysing the defeat in Karlsruhe: "I told the lads we mustn't fall in love with success but with the habits that bring success. We can influence those habits and we have to do them well. That's been the focus this week. It's about principles that have to be followed. We have to operate from a solid defence and prepare certain attacks better with the ball. We lacked that in some situations at KSC."

...dealing with defeats: "The players know exactly how to evaluate specific incidents because they communicate with each other a lot and display a certain stability, as they've shown all season. The team don't take defeats lightly, they're tough on themselves. They sat down and analysed the game at Karlsruhe. Everyone was very disappointed after the defeat and their response was to analyse the situation even more intensively and work even harder. They've done that all whole season and it's impressive."

...opponents Elversberg:  "They're a really good footballing side. I have huge respect for Horst Steffen's work. The way they play football is still very impressive. They're capable of hurting any team in this league and have shown that in recent games even though the results haven't been as rosy as they were in the first half of the season. They play extremely bold football wherever they play. They won't hide and will try to impose their style. They'll push us not only in footballing terms but also athletically. It's going to be an intense game and we have to prepare for that."

...his looming suspension and relationship with referees: "I'll make an effort and try to keep working on myself. I've said it often enough but it is a point I have to work on and want to work on. Sure you can build a relationship with the referees, but ultimately they have to be neutral on the pitch and perform to their best without allowing themselves to be influenced by external factors, and that's what I've told my players as well. We have to be so good that no external party can influence our results and that's what we'll keep trying to do. I want to improve my behaviour on the touchline, but there has to be certain authenticity to the way I conduct myself as well. I can't change from one day to the next."

...the excellent home form: "I've often stressed that the fans have an incredibly good feel for the situation and the phase the team are in. Running out here and playing football is always special. It's not just one stand backing us, it's the whole ground, and that gives us an extra lift."

Photos: Witters

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