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Hürzeler: "The craving to win must be there all the time and never fade"

FC St. Pauli are back in action again on Friday evening when they go head to head with SC Paderborn 07 in the battle for the next three points in Bundesliga 2. In the run-up to the match, head coach Fabian Hürzeler spoke about...

...the injury situation: "Igor Matanović has had surgery and is sidelined. Etienne Amenyido and David Nemeth are still in rehab training. Everyone else is available."

...the desire to keep the winning run going: "As far as I'm concerned, as soon as the next game is on the agenda, the last one has gone. I'm trying to impress that on the team as well. Runs have no value. We do know, however, that every win does us good and gives us confidence. We would do well to take each game as it comes. The next one is always completely different. We can be confident, but the craving to win must never fade even if we aren't on a run. That craving must be there all the time. I demand the will to win the next game and I try to lead by example with my coaching team. I also expect my players to want to win every game."

...the exams for his coaching badge: "I'm relieved it's over. The exam days were good and intense. I prepared well, so it was quite easy-going. I haven't received a certificate yet, but I assume I haven't failed and will get it. That will be in April."

...opponents Paderborn: "It's a very tough ask and one we can only manage as a team. For me, they're the best footballing side in the league. They're extremely flexible and have a lot of variation in their play, which we need to be prepared for. They have excellent players in midfield, such as Julian Justvan, and probably the fastest player in the league up front in Sirlord Conteh. They're always trying to overload the flank and switch the play from one side to the other. They have a clear idea of how to play football and have stuck by it despite going through a bad spell before the winter break."

...former FCSP player Sirlord Conteh, who always does well against us: "He's always up for it against us, I've noticed that as well. We have to defend as a team against him. It's incredibly difficult to man-mark him. We have to keep the space tight and have cover in behind because he times his deep runs very well. If he sees space and sets off at the right moment, he's difficult to defend, so we'll try to stay compact and exert pressure on the ball further up to stop Paderborn playing controlled balls in behind our backline."

...Paderborn being perhaps the strongest opposition so far since the resumption: "Every game in the second division is a challenge. I told the lads we're going to Paderborn to get a result and not to watch them play football. We want to perform with intensity and we want the ball. It's an opportunity and a challenge for us to hold our own there as a team. My team are extremely motivated and will approach the game in an extremely professional manner. When we get on the coach today, we do so with the belief and the inner consciousness that we can get a result there."

Photos: Witters