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Hürzeler warns against complacency at Sandhausen

Next up for the Boys in Brown is a trip to SV Sandhausen on Sunday (13.30 CET). In the run-up to the meeting with the bottom side, head coach Fabian Hürzeler took questions from the media at the customary news conference.

...possible changes to the side: "Nobody can be sure of playing but it's not unlikely that most of the players who started against Fürth will run out against Sandhausen, too."

...the international call-ups: "Players who have been called up, such as Connor Metcalfe, for example, are proud and happy to be involved. I congratulated him and told him it was the reward for the work he's put in. Some players haven't been selected, such as Manolis Saliakas and also Eric Smith, who had hoped to get a call-up, and I told them they shouldn't ease up but instead do a bit more and take a 'now more than ever' attitude. If they keep performing the way they are doing, I think it's only a matter of time before they get a call-up. If you look at the development of Eric and Manos, you'll see an upward trend. We'll continue to support the players in their individual development."

...the risk of underestimating Sandhausen: "I already issued that warning when we won the fourth game. I think it's human nature for some lads subconsciously to think two or three percent less will still be enough. We were quickly made to pay for that against Fürth. Humility and modesty are values that will always be important to me. That's the approach we aim to take at Sandhausen. We can't afford to let up, in fact we have to do the opposite."

...the small ground and contrasting atmosphere to the Millerntor: "We have to adapt. It's important for us to concentrate on the football. We have to find the right attitude and the motivation regardless, and so I expect my team to have the required attitude going into the game. If we do even three percent less, we won't stand a chance. Fürth showed us it doesn't work if we drop off even slightly. For me, every game in the second division is a 50-50 game."

...opponents Sandhausen: "For me, Sandhausen is one of the toughest away games this year, and not just because they're enjoying a new lease of life. They're brave and much livelier. They man-mark and defend forward well and allow teams hardly any goalscoring opportunities. On the ball, especially on winning possession, they get forward very quickly. For me, they have good quality players, such as David and Christian Kinsombi, Erik Zenga in the holding position, and Ahmed Kutucu. They also have a good mentality and never give up, as their last two games have shown. No matter what the score is, they fight to the end."

...our own game: "We'd do well to focus on ourselves and on a good team performance. We have to be compact and avoid giving the ball away cheaply. We know Sandhausen switch the play well via Diekmeier, who's a good crosser of the ball and has goals and assists to his name, and Okoroji. That's their strength. We have to defend well again and take up good positions in possession to stop their strengths coming to the fore."

Photos: Witters