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After the 3-1 win at FC Ingolstadt 04, head coach Timo Schultz and his players expressed their delight over the performance.

Philipp Ziereis: "We went into the game with high expectations and translated that into our play. We were more stable at the back, passed the ball well and didn't let Ingolstadt into the game. We deserved to win in the end. I felt a twinge in my thigh it was better to go off. Today, you saw we're capable of beating anyone if we play to our potential. This league is so tight, we see that every week. We've been through a difficult spell but today was the first step out of it. Now we have to give it all we've got against Union on Tuesday and Karlsruhe at the weekend. The war in Ukraine puts football in the background. We've obviously been discussing it in the dressing room during the week and we're all shocked about how things can go so quickly. It's not far away from us either. Ultimately, other things are more important than football. At the same time, we're glad to be able to go about our work and our thoughts are with the people in Ukraine."

Guido Burgstaller: "You can't compare today's game with the one against Hannover. We wanted to show a reaction, of course, because we haven't been good in recent games. I think we did that well today and deserved to win. It wasn't an easy game. We did a lot of analysis last week. We wanted to be more compact and keep playing with composure, which we did very well after their equaliser. We still have room for improvement, of course, especially on the counterattack."

Simon Makienok: "We're obviously happy and satisfied with the three points. The way we approached the game was how we've been doing it in training. We knew what to expect. We also had a good mix in our attacking play. My goal gave us a better feeling on the pitch, but I'd say Guido's goal after the equaliser was even more important. It was a nice goal, though, and how we've been doing it in training. It's very nice for me after the end of last year, my Covid illness and now my way back."

Timo Schultz: "We got into the game well and deserved to go in front. Unfortunately, we couldn't see the scoreline through to half-time. We conceded from a long throw. In general, we went about our work with a little bit more control. Ingolstadt had showed in recent games how dangerous they can be with their compact shape and transitional play and we wanted to stop them with our positional play. It's a shame our attacking game suffered a little as a result, but you have to go make a choice. The result proved us right today. Ingolstadt worked up a head of steam after the interval and created chances late on with lots of power. I'm very satisfied and we go to Hamburg with a good feeling."

Rüdiger Rehm (FC Ingolstadt): "In the end we're disappointed. We set out to attack them and thus get into the game the way we have been doing recently. Our problem was that we were unsettled by having to make two changes in a short space of time. That was the phase where we conceded. I think we were relatively solid at the back. We experienced a team who made a lot out of relatively few situations and that's why they deserved to win the game. We were too wild, especially after the break. The space we were defending was too big and St. Pauli made very good use of it. To chase a two-goal deficit in the second half is difficult."


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