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After the key 1-0 home win over FC Ingolstadt, we jotted down the post-match soundbites in the mixed zone. The Boys in Brown were delighted with the three points and the positive reaction after two successive defeats.

Uwe Stöver: "The win feels good, of course. We aim to keep a good shape and support each other, which we did really well. Ingolstadt didn't have many situations that had us holding our breath. If your opponents do create a chance, you have to be there where it matters – and we were."

Christopher Avevor: "It was a high-intensity, very scrappy affair. We took a bit of time to get going, but the most important thing was that we kept a clean sheet and gave very little away at the back. The focus was very much on our defence today. I'm absolutely delighted with the team performance, but any thoughts we may have of looking higher up the table after a win are total nonsense. We have to aim for more consistency in the next few games and good performances over the long term."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "That's the second division. We gave our all and deserved to win in the end. It wasn't pretty but I don't care."

Alex Meier: "Ingolstadt had more of the game in the first half but we fought our way into it. When you haven't won in two games, you have to battle. I think we did that very well. It was a more open game in the second half and in the end we had the better chances. We were worth the win on account of the second half performance."

Christopher Buchtmann: "We were there at the end. When we have the ball up front, we can be cute as well. We want to stay in contention and dig in at the top. And even if we lose two games in a row, we don't let it get us down. We were really fired up. We played with more aggression and picked up a couple of bookings as well, but the second division is all about fighting, and if you play decent football as well, you're well in contention, although we could do a bit better in the final third with the final ball. I'm happy we won and kept a clean sheet again."

Justin Hoogma: "We did a good job in our own half. We may have let them play a bit too much, but they never really threatened. We were better on the ball in the second half, got the goal and kept a good shape after that, even though we did allow them one or two chances. The interaction with Jackson was good. He's a one-against-one machine who defends brutally well. It went well."

Mergim Mavraj: "Our first-half performance was really good but we didn't get our reward because we didn't go for goal with enough determination. We didn't start so well in the second half. We remain positive and won't bury our heads in the sand because of the result."

Philipp Tschauner: "We lost our concentration in one situation. The quality of Alex Meier is his ability to get one chance and score. We lacked punch on a couple of occasions and unfortunately gave them the one decisive chance."


Photo: Witters


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