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Fourth home game, fourth win. And as in the previous defeats of Kiel (3-0), HSV (3-2) and Regensburg (2-0), it was the product of another excellent team performance. Little wonder, then, that the Boys in Brown were more than happy after the final whistle.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "We dominated the game for long periods, yet there were one or two situations, especially after they made it 3-1, where Ingolstadt could have fought their way back into it. We kept finding the right answers and deserved to win the game as a result. In the first half, we had very few errors in our possession play, but we did lack a bit of focus in the second. Nevertheless, we were able to complete lots of our attacking moves. In the first half, we carved out five or six chances really well and I have to pay their goalkeeper a compliment for some outstanding saves at times. After the interval, we were clinical in front of goal. The lads kept trying to create something. It was really good. They've been working on that for a year now, especially in the last few months, and the way we play football to earn the plaudits of the fans. That's why fans go to the match. All of us here want to celebrate together. Things will go wrong sometimes against teams who are better or luckier than us, but our attacking approach will always remain the same. We've seen from our away performances and sometimes at home as well that we can't afford to drop off even ten per cent. It was the same today after the third goal, when the odd player eased off a little and Ingolstadt came back into the game."

Luca Zander: "We started well and dominated the game in the first half. We gave little away at the back and created chances. We could have led by more at half-time. We did lose control slightly in the second half, but it was still enough even though things got a bit wilder. We took our opportunities with clinical efficiency. That's why we have people like Guido and Ditte, to put the ball away, which came off really well today. I scored my goal from a position I get into quite often. It doesn't always work so perfectly, of course, but all the nicer that it did today."

Christopher Buchtmann: "We had Ingolstadt completely under control and should have led by more at the interval. We let things slip a little in the second half but still got the goals. It was a commanding performance and the result was never in doubt. For me it was obviously a great feeling to score after such a difficult time with the injury. After a long layoff you have to understand that you're going to be on the bench in the first instance and you want to impress with good performances when you come on. I aim to build on that now and be the 'old Buchti' again."

Roberto Pätzold (Ingolstadt coach): "We came up against a very strong attacking team today who played themselves into an attacking frenzy in front of a big and enthusiastic crowd. We tried to hold our own and breach their defensive lines every so often, which we did at times without any tangible effect unfortunately. We knew a lot of things would have to come together for us to take anything from here today. It's a shame the fourth goal came so soon after we'd got one back because the lads never hid and kept going forward courageously. We fought with a lot of passion but in the end St. Pauli were far superior in terms of attacking power and effectiveness."


Photos: Witters