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Marvin Knoll is still oozing positiveness in spite of everything. We caught up with our No5 via FaceTime between training and a colouring-in session with his daughter. Among other things, he spoke about what it's like to train in front of a computer screen and how he's passing the time at home.

Hi Marvin! How are you and how's the current situation for you? 

I'm good! We're all well here, that's the main thing. And we've had a lot of sun recently. We've got a balcony where we can enjoy the weather. It's also nice to see the ball and some of the lads again, even though we're having to keep the necessary distance and follow the rules. We're trying to maintain our fitness levels as best we can, which is difficult under the circumstances, but we're very professional about it and working with video conferences, for example. We have to make the best of it, simple as that.

We heard you started drawing to pass the time when you're not training. Is that your new hobby?

I did a bit of colouring with my daughter, which got me started drawing the Joker. I used to like painting, but I've not really spent any time on it. I learned to draw from my uncle, he was really good at it. I definitely enjoy it, though, and I'm getting better all the time. I'll stick at it and maybe I'll paint one of my teammates one day. 

Have you had a go at our St. Pauli colouring book?

We've obviously had a look at it but we haven't printed it out yet. I've been tagged on a lot of coloured-in pictures on Instagram, which is really cool!

Knoll's first works of art - complete with signature.

Knoll's first works of art - complete with signature.

You're training a lot at home at the moment – what can you take from a fitness programme within your own four walls? 

It's a nice change and our performance coaches both make us laugh a lot when they give out the instructions on camera. Some of the exercises are really cool and it also means I can see the other lads on screen. 

Are you speaking much to your teamamtes?

I'm in regular contact with my teammates and I miss them. We do miss each other a lot to be honest, you can tell. That also tells you what a good group we are.

"You can tell we're a good group."

This week we're asking our fans about the games they would love to see. What would be your dream St. Pauli game?

To win 2-0 at HSV would be great...  but joking aside! St. Pauli against Liverpool at Anfield would be an amazing matchup. We'd win 1-0. Sneak in, score and sneak out again. My tip for the goalscorer would be Christian Conteh. A long ball over the top from Finn Ole Becker, Christian breaks clear and Van Dijk can't keep up. He takes it past goalkeeper Alisson to the right, taps it home and then runs over to the fans to celebrate. How cool would that be?! 

Any message for the fans to finish?

Try to enjoy life regardless! That's really important, especially in times like these. Stay well and at home, if possible, that's the most important thing. Try to laugh a lot and be creative and stay positive! 


Photos: Witters/FC St. Pauli