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Irvine: "It's about having a plan as a team"

Jackson Irvine took time out after training on Wednesday to take questions from the media representatives in attendance at the Kollau. Among other things, our captain spoke about...

...the bitter defeat at Rostock: "This is football. Obviously it was not a good day for us, a poor performance. Everybody was extremely disappointed after the game but it's early in the season and you're going to have these kind of moments that are a test for the group. For us, it was about reacting and coming in here and starting to prepare and move forward. For me, it's something that comes with age and experience and being able to move on and learn the lessons for the next game."

...the visit of league leaders Paderborn: "Every game's a tough game. They've had a great start to the season and scored a lot of goals, but for us at our home ground we've got to go out and perform as we always do and focus on our game and our performance. I'm sure we'll be able to do that."

...Paderborn players to look out for: "Every team has individuals with high quality. We'll analyse those players and those specific moments, but really it's about our structure and having a plan as a team. Of course, individual quality can sometimes make a difference, but that's not too much of a focus for us."

Captain Jackson Irvine with the rainbow armband.

Captain Jackson Irvine with the rainbow armband.

...potential changes after the Rostock defeat: "I think me and the more experienced players have to bring that intensity and aggression back to the pitch and harness that emotion from the game and use that to drive positive energy, and sometimes that comes from being more demanding and intense on the training field. Of course, I try to drive that within the group."

...walking to home games: "It would take me longer any other way. The quickest and most direct route is on foot. It also helps to get my mind free, but I don't think about that too much. It's nice to meet the fans on the way home, especially if we've had a good result."

...the upcoming international matches with Australia: "We have two games against New Zealand home and away and they'll be our last preparation games for the World Cup. After four years of qualifying, I'm really looking forward to it - it's my second time at the World Cup. Of course, everyone's aware of the circumstances surrounding the tournament. This is a chance to create real and lasting change there and highlighting these issues can hopefully lead to that. A tournament like the World Cup brings so many people together. I hope we can drive something positive and that's what we'll be looking to do with our presence there."

Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters