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Medić: "The results are mainly the product of hard work"

The Boys in Brown have a match-free weekend following the 5-0 win at SV Sandhausen but are still training hard, of course. After Tuesday afternoon's session, defender Jakov Medić sat down with the media for a chat.

Jakov Medić on…

...his personal run of nine consecutive wins: "It's a great record that's good for my head and my confidence, especially after my injury. It's not just me, though, the whole group are working very hard together. That's the only reason we've been successful in our last eight games. We can be proud of that but we have to keep it up. Every game has highlighted details we can do better. We're on the right track and have to keep focusing on every training session and our next game. We're on a roll and still have all the top teams to play, which will be interesting. We have to give 100 percent in every game and let's see what's possible."

...the strong defence with just three goals conceded since the resumption: "We work hard every day and focus on our defending. We all work together off the ball, from the forwards, who are our first line of defence, to the goalkeeper. We're doing really well."

...winter signing Karol Mets: "He's a very experienced player who’s doing an excellent job. He's felt really good ever since he arrived and shows it in every game. With Eric between us, we all communicate very well and help each other. We speak English and German - it's a mix."

...the role played by luck in the winning run: "We've had a bit of luck in some situations, but the results are mainly a product of hard work. Every player knows what to do. We analyse every game really well and are doing a good job."

...his flexibility and finishing qualities, as in Magdeburg: "I played in attack when I was younger and also started a few games up front at Wehen Wiesbaden. I know how I have to move and how defenders move. I also played in midfield at Wehen Wiesbaden, so I can play a few positions. At Magdeburg, I knew I had space and Cello was capable of playing the pass. I was in the right place and I scored, but first and foremost I'm there to defend not to score goals."

...the changes under Fabian Hürzeler: "He's a young coach and the way he looks at football is really good. He has his own opinions on football and the game, be it build-up play or other tactical things, and he's putting them into practice with us. We're doing really well and obviously want to keep it going."

Jakov Medić also got the winner when the second round-robin started at Nürnberg, not just in the 2-1 win at Magdeburg.

Jakov Medić also got the winner when the second round-robin started at Nürnberg, not just in the 2-1 win at Magdeburg.

...the switch to a back three: "That was the coach's decision. If he says it's best for the team, then we give it all we've got. I feel comfortable in a back three. I think it's better with three central players because you have an extra man. In a back four, there are only two of you in the middle, which isn't always easy to defend."

...his footballing future and the interest shown by Bundesliga clubs: "I don't want to focus too much on my future. The here and now and St. Pauli's next game are what's important. I feel really good here and have played every game since my injury. I want to keep going the way I have been and do my best for the club."

...the national team: "There was no contact before the international break. To play for the national team and my country would be very special. It's very hard to get into the Croatian team. They have a lot of really good players and a number of stars. I'm always ready, but it's out of my hands."

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