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Mets: "I'm going through the best phase of my career"

The Boys in Brown secured their third consecutive victory at Hertha BSC last weekend, with Karol Mets contributing to the win with a really good performance. After training on Tuesday, the defender took time out to answer questions from the media...

Karol Mets on…

...the current standings: "It's obviously a nice feeling to be top of the table. The standings show we're going in the right direction. We work extremely hard every week and prepare for the next game. We also try not to look too far ahead. Instead, we simply focus on the next assignment."

...the secret behind the tight defence: "I think we could have defended some of the goals we've conceded better, so there are still lots of things we can do better, but we really do defend as a team, with all eleven players on the pitch. It's not only the defenders who do the defending. It starts with the strikers. That's why we've conceded so few goals."

...the backdrop at the Olympic Stadium: "There were lots of fans inside the ground and the atmosphere was terrific. It was outstanding to see how many St. Pauli fans made the journey to Berlin. Some fans from Estonia also made the trip, including a few friends and family members. They saw a good game with a win for us and left the stadium feeling good. For me it's a privilege to be able to play in games like these. I'm very grateful for that."

...the current form and his personal points tally: "We obviously want to keep it up. Our approach hasn't changed. We take each game as it comes and try to get the maximum from it. That's why I don't look at my personal stats. I want to give the best possible performance in every game and help the team, and I can still improve in some areas. Fabian Hürzeler points them out to me and we analyse the various situations. I can't go into any more detail than that, of course (he laughs). Overall, though, it's always about the team, the chemistry and the collective. That's the key. One of my dreams is to play for FC St. Pauli in the Bundesliga."

Karol Mets had a chance to score his first goal for the club at Hertha but missed out.

Karol Mets had a chance to score his first goal for the club at Hertha but missed out.

...the current phase of his career: "I think I'm going through the best phase of my career at the moment. Things are going well in terms of the results and there's harmony in the group. We're simply doing very well at the moment. It's definitely a super time. I've always been lucky with the cities I've played in. I can't complain about the other places, but Hamburg is extremely beautiful, of course and I like being here, as does my girlfriend."

...FCSP's style of play: "Our style of play makes sense and we understand what Fabian wants from us. It's also fun to play this way. Compared with my previous stints, I think I'm playing the best football of my career with the team here at FC St. Pauli."

...forthcoming opponents Nürnberg: "There are no easy games in this league and every match is a real challenge. The second division is special and there are lots of teams with enormous quality. Nürnberg are a strong side, so we have to be fully focused and prepare well and then we'll see what happens, but we obviously want all three points."

Photos: DFL (Getty Images/Reinaldo Coddou H.)