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Twenty-four hours after the scoreless draw against MSV Duisburg at the Millerntor, Markus Kauczinski analysed the game once again in conversation with the Hamburg media. Among the topics discussed were his side's finishing and his decision not to make a third substitution.

"If you look at the last three games, yesterday was better than the previous two performances," said Kauczinski. "We were better on the ball and did a lot for the game, so it was an improved display. Nevertheless, we know it wasn't perfect and there's no question that we have to create more chances from the possession we have."

In a bid to secure all three points, Kauczinski introduced fresh attacking options in the shape of Waldemar Sobota and Jan-Marc Schneider but declined to make a third change towards the end of the game. "We applied some really good pressure in that phase," he explained. "Buchti and Mats were well in the game and Ersin was finding intelligent solutions with Knolli. It was working OK, so we didn't see any sense in taking someone off."

After drawing a blank for the third successive game, however, the Boys in Brown will continue to work on their singlemindedness and determination in front of goal. "You can't coach effectiveness," said Kauczinski. "At the end of the day, all we can do is keep working hard on our finishing to build a feeling of security. The lads are putting extra shifts in. We have to make more of our shooting opportunities instead of going for another cross. We've realised something is missing but we'll get it back again."

Photo: Witters