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In a busy week for the Boys in Brown, head coach Markus Kauczinski took time out on Tuesday to look ahead to the home game against SC Paderborn.

Marc Hornschuh and Luca Zander continue to work on personalised routines but there was positive news on two other St. Pauli players, as both Bernd Nehrig and Jan-Philipp Kalla have resumed full training. Tomorrow's game comes around too early for the latter, who has been struggling with osteitis pubis, but the Schalke skipper could feature in the squad: "Bernd is not back to 100 per cent yet," said Kauczinski. "He has enough gas for 20 or 30 minutes maybe, so we'll have to consider whether it makes sense." It's a similar situation as far as Sami Allagui is concerned. "Sami has been in training a week longer. I'm thinking about including him in the squad."

The St. Pauli boss said the busy schedule was not affecting his selection considerations: "I don't have to rotate if I don't want to and I always like to field my best team for the occasion. We didn't incur any major injuries at Ingolstadt and we had enough time for recovery. Not having to make any changes at the back will do us good. There's no reason to change anything there. There might be some individual decision to make. I'm looking at two or three positions, of course, but I do that before every game."

That Paderborn are capable of serving up some spectacular fare, as in their last two games against Magdeburg (4-4) and Cologne (5-3), has not escaped Kauczinski's attention, of course: "I'm expecting a high-intensity game against a very good promoted side. Paderborn like to get forward and try to play attacking football, as their results go to show. They're scoring lots of goals and conceding a few as well. Their games have had a lot of variety. I'm expecting that again and we're ready for it."

Kauczinski said his side had gone back to basics at Ingolstadt, and that was something they could build on now. "We defended very well at Ingolstadt but failed to capitalise on a number of chances to break, so we need to do better there. We'll do our utmost to get another three points and we aim to keep the positive feeling from Ingolstadt going. The fans can look forward to a good game."


Photos: Witters