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The Boys in Brown took a critical look at their own performance after the 3-0 defeat at Holstein Kiel. A failure to take their chances, especially in the opening stages, was compounded by an inability to stop the home side threatening on the break. The post-match reaction...

Head coach Timo Schultz: "We started well but lost our way after the opening goal. We gave the ball away too many times and made too many technical errors, which is unusual for us. Perhaps it was a shot across the bows at the right time that will make us realise we won't get anything for nothing in the last 16 games. We have to go flat out and we will. It was a day to forget for us and it will take me at least a day to get over it."

Leart Paqarada: "I think we started very well really but we lacked composure up front and then got caught on the break. Teams like Kiel will punish you for that and so we lost 3-0. It wasn't how we expected it to go, but we're not going to panic. It's been a tremendous year for the club."

Philipp Ziereis: "We were well in the game from the off and then got caught on the break. After that, we lost control. We weren't attentive enough on transition and made far too many mistakes. If you do that, you're going to lose to the side in 15th even if you're top. Kiel don't deserve to be down there but that's a different story. We have only ourselves to blame, simple as that. We shouldn't be performing like that, but it's happened now. We have to draw a line under it and go into the winter break."

Eric Smith: "You always have to start by looking at yourself and that wasn't the level I expect of myself today. We were unable to stop their counterattacks. The better team won today. If we'd taken our chances in the opening stages, it might have been a different game, but if you look at the performance as a whole, we didn't deserve to get anything here today."

Marcel Rapp (Holstein Kiel coach): "It was a great performance by my team. We played with a lot of passion and were there for each other. We were very solid and defended with all we had. We did a lot of things right on the break and had a good mix of possession and transitional play. We had lots of chances today and thus deserved to win by that margin."


Photo: Witters

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