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After a riveting contest at the Millerntor, the Boys in Brown emerged victorious against Holstein Kiel. The players pushed themselves to the limit to claim their first win of the season and were obviously delighted after the final whistle.

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "It was a victory of the will – especially in terms of our defending. It was an exciting game that could have gone either way. Kiel were a constant threat even when they were 2-0 down and never gave up. We gave it everything we had and were determined to get the win."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "It's an extremely important win. We really wanted it. It was a tight game in the first half, we had a couple of good chances. We got the two goals in the second half, but Kiel dominated in the final 25 minutes and played very well. We defended too deep and didn't put enough pressure on the ball. We have to do better in that respect in the games to come."

Daniel Buballa: "We all had the last few games at the back of our minds when we conceded #in the last few minutes and dropped important points. We're really pleased we were able to see the game out. Some of us were on our last legs, but we worked hard for this all week and were finally rewarded with three points. The performances of our two new signings speak for themselves. James adds enormous assurance to the back line and was brutally consistent. And Matt never stopped trying to stir things up on the flank and get forward. It's a shame he picked up a second booking. Both of them did well."

Hauke Wahl (Holstein Kiel): "It was a totally needless defeat. I think we were the better team and would have deserved to win. I had the feeling the second goal did us good. We played better football after that. We had better control of the ball and moved it around nicely. We had three huge chances in the space of three minutes and didn't take any of them. We lacked that little bit of luck there. Totally."

Phil Neumann (Holstein Kiel): "We played well today and got into the game well to be fair. We could have taken the lead but found ourselves behind. We then conceded a second on the break. We managed to pull one back but eventually ran out of time."

Johannes van den Bergh (Holstein Kiel): "There was more in that for us than a 2-1 defeat. It was a good away showing. We had a number of chances and a point would have been OK on account of the second half performance. We were solid at the back and didn't give them many chances from open play. The result isn't good, but the performance wasn't bad."


Photos: Witters