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There was a huge sense of disappointment in the mixed zone after the 1-1 draw at the Betzenberg. Goalscorer Aziz Bouhaddouz was the only one with grounds to be cheerful.

Director of sport Uwe Stöver: "That was two points dropped today. When you go one-up against ten men, you can't go off at the end with a share of the spoils. It's our own fault. There was no need to commit the foul and no one stopped them taking a quick free-kick afterwards. We had the advantage but couldn't see it through to the end because of those mistakes."

Bernd Nehrig: "It's really annoying because we didn't play to the standard we set ourselves. When you're gifted a lead like that, you have to put the game to bed. Instead, we fell asleep. The equaliser was a stupid goal to give away."

Robin Himmelmann: "We gave two points away today. We were asleep for their goal. Everyone's talking among ourselves and then we make the classic mistake of not blocking the ball off. They saw that and took it quickly, and then Spalvis put the ball through Marc's legs and into the far corner. We can't be doing things like that, there was simply no need for it."

Aziz Bouhaddouz: "Thankfully the penalty went in. I celebrated like that because I'm going to be a father in July. It was an up-and-down game with mistakes on both sides. If we play with more intelligence, we win two or three-nil. At the end we messed up and could even have lost. For us the task remains to get to 40 points as soon as possible."

Christopher Avevor: "We didn't play well at all in the first half and were fortunate to go in at half-time still on level terms. We put more effort in after the break, and when you take the lead, you have to see it out. We just weren't resolute enough."

Philipp Ziereis: "It's a really bad feeling right after the game. After going ahead we have to be more clinical and take all three points. Kaiserslautern were in the game better, however, especially in the first half. All in all, we didn't play the way we set out to. A draw's a fair result in the end."


Photo: Witters