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A failure to take their chances was the main issue for the Boys in Brown after the 2-1 defeat at FC Kaiserslautern. We spoke to some of the protagonists to get their views on the preceding 90 minutes.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "Congratulations to Kaiserslautern on a not undeserved victory. We wanted more from the game and could have had more but have to accept and come to terms with the defeat now. We spent a lot of time in the final third and had control of the game, but we lacked punch and effectiveness. We only have ourselves to blame today."

Jackson Irvine: "We didn’t take our opportunities. We had control of the game but in the end it’s all about scoring."

Marcel Hartel: "We wanted to go home with three points and now we have none. We’ll have to analyse the game well and stop making simple mistakes. We have to make better use of our chances. And we have to move the ball around more quickly. It didn’t go well."

Igor Matanović: "I can’t go home happy having missed two chances. It’s annoying. We then got punished in clinical fashion at the back because they were more effective in the box. We have to draw a line under the game now and keep going."

Dirk Schuster (FC Kaiserslautern head coach): "We were very fortunate to win. I wasn’t happy with the first half, in particular. When we won possession, we gave the ball away with sloppy passing or wrong decisions. We never had a grip on the game. We’re pleased to get the win. It was really hard work. But we have to improve in a lot of areas."

Terrence Boyd (FC Kaiserslautern): "St. Pauli are a very good footballing side, we had to defend with all the means at our disposal, so we’re glad to have taken all three points."


Photo: Witters