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Daschner: "We know we still have work to do"

The games are coming thick and fast for the Boys in Brown, who go to SC Paderborn 07 on Friday evening in a bid to bag the next three points. In the run-up to the match, versatile forward Lukas Daschner sat down with the media and spoke about...

...the win over Rostock and the element of luck: "It may have been lucky but we deserved to win. When you're down at the bottom, our goal might not have gone in and the chance for Kai Pröger that Nikola [Vasilj] did really well to save might have gone in off the inside of the post."

...the perfect start to the second half of the season: "We're all satisfied with the run we're on at the moment, but we know we still have work to do. We could have done a lot better despite winning four of the five games without conceding a goal. We can play with even more assurance. We've developed an awareness for going into the challenges and winning them. That's what the coach demands of us every time we train. That makes the intensity in training very high. You play like you train, which is why we're holding our own so well even against physically strong teams."

Lukas Daschner at home against Hansa Rostock.

Lukas Daschner at home against Hansa Rostock.

...his own form since the resumption: "You should never be satisfied, but I'm very happy to have played in every game, mostly for the full 90 minutes. I'm doing what the coach expects of me. I have a good dialogue with him and always ask for feedback on what was good and what not so good. I feel good at the moment and have the confidence to do things that help us. I want to keep that going. The worst feeling for me is when I can't help the team. When I was injured in the first half of last season, I set my mind on getting rid of that feeling. I'm delighted to be in the starting lineup every game now. I think I'm paying it back with good performances."

...the topic of relegation: "It was never really an issue for me personally because I know the team and have seen the quality. We added some players who’ve done us good. We obviously knew where we were in the table after 17 games, but it wasn't as though I was worried we'd go down. We're pleased with the run we're on and it's been important for us mentally as well."

...the forthcoming game at Paderborn: "I'm expecting a heated affair that goes back and forth. Paderborn play man on man and press very high. We'll need to be calm in our own build-up play to make sure we don't make so many mistakes. What's doing us good at the moment is that we're playing a lot of two-touch football, radiating calm from the back and doing very well getting into the opposition box. We want to compete with the best and I consider Paderborn to be one of the best teams in the league at the moment. They play very attacking football and often score two or three, so keeping another clean sheet will be a challenge for our defence. We can't afford to neglect our attack, though. We aim to be bold and aggressive."

Photos: Witters