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After training on Tuesday, midfielder Marcel Hartel took time out to answer questions from the Hamburg media and look ahead to Saturday’s home game against Arminia Bielefeld.

Marcel Hartel on…

...the aftermath of the derby defeat: "To lose like that, especially in a game like that, was hard to take and very disappointing, and so that's the kind of weekend I had. I’m usually awake longer after an evening game and this one was no exception, but you have to let it go, and my young daughter was a big help there. We have to put the game behind us and that's what we've done. We've analysed it and discussed it and now the focus is solely on Bielefeld."

...his role in central midfield and, in the derby, on the wing: "I haven't spoken to Fabian yet about whether that could be my position for the next game. We'll have to wait and see. Generally, the players in the centre are more involved in the build-up play and the wide players have to be a bit more patient before they have a chance to take players on when the play is switched. I'm obviously a bit more involved in the game when I'm in the middle, but it's not as if I'm out of the game completely when I'm on the flank (he laughs)."

...motivation for the run-in: "We're definitely motivated, with five games left there are still 15 points available. We won't let the season simply fizzle out because we owe it to the fans and to the club to end the season on a positive note. The focus now is on Arminia Bielefeld at home, where we want to get the ball forward, put in a good performance and take all three points."

...former club Arminia Bielefeld and the defeat in the reverse fixture: "I obviously still think about the chance I had to give us the lead. It sounds bad to say we have a score to settle. I'm simply happy to be able to see some old friends again and want to perform well and help the team and, ideally, take three points. That's my aim and I'll do my best to achieve it. Bielefeld play in the same league as us, so it would be strange for me not to follow their progress. It isn't an easy situation for them because they aren't where they'd like to be. I hope they stay up, but hopefully they won't get anything on Saturday."

...Arminia Bielefeld's strengths: "In Uwe Koschinat, they have a coach on the touchline who's very vocal and pushes the team very hard. I think you can see they've had some good performances under him. They had a bit of a dampener in losing to Hannover, but they'll still come here highly motivated. They have a lot of quality in their ranks, such as centre-forward Fabian Klos. I still have a lot of contact with him and some of the other players. They're a better team than their league position would suggest. That's no secret either. So it's going to be a tough task for us."

...his personal goals for the rest of the season: "Regardless of the fact that we only have five games left, I take it upon myself to help the team as best I can every time we play, preferably with a goal or an assist, and that's what I'll be doing in the next five games."


Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters