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After a pulsating end-to-end battle against Nürnberg we hoovered up a few quotes in the mixed zone.

Christopher Buchtmann: “We put Nürnberg under pressure early on and took a deserved lead but then we conceded a hard goal to take. Obviously every point is important in our situation but it’s a shame we didn’t get the reward for a high-energy performance. If we carry on working hard like we did today, we’ll the wins we’re hoping for. If you don’t fight, you won’t get out of the drop zone. We’ll keep going, we haven’t got much choice. I’m delighted with the goal, of course, but the mood is a sombre one because of the result.”

Bernd Nehrig: “I’m gutted to get a fifth yellow card but there’s nothing I can do about it. There wasn’t much chance of me staying on four bookings for the rest of the season anyway. The result is neither good nor bad. We started the game well and at a high tempo and were unlucky to concede the equaliser from a set piece. That’s typical of our season so far somehow but it was another step in the right direction. Though we failed to get the second goal, if we carry on like we did today, we’ll have better luck in future.”

Lasse Sobiech: “The result may be fair if you look at the 90 minutes as a whole but I still think the draw is a huge disappointment because we were on top in the closing stages. Everyone had the feeling we could win the game and that’s important. We showed the same emotions on the pitch as the fans in the stands. It’s not easy for the supporters at the moment. We went into the campaign with different expectations. Today was the first time you could tell that we know we’re in a battle against relegation! We have to continue just like this against Würzburg.”

Cenk Sahin: “Today was a clear improvement, we just didn’t get the win in the end. I was expecting the long ball from Robin, but I was a touch late getting the shot off and didn’t make proper contact with the ball. I’m really annoyed with myself, I should have done better.”

Kevin Möhwald (Nürnberg): “St. Pauli were better in the first 20 minutes because we were too far apart from each other and won hardly any second balls. St. Pauli gave it everything they had and their body language was really good. Going behind was the logical consequence. At the end of the day it’s a point won.”


Photo: Witters