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As part of Millerntor Gallery #7 our favourite football ground is being transformed into a breathtaking art gallery for the seventh time, an exhibition that will showcase artists from more than 20 countries. For as Viva con Agua co-founder Michael Fritz aptly said: "Art, sport and music are the languages that unite us."

"All good things are us," sang Antje Schomaker to kick off the press conference for Millerntor Gallery #7. A fitting start for the gallery, which this year offers a platform for dialogue and exchange at a local, international and intercultural level under the 'youtopic' motto. As well as art, the main pillars of the event are culture, music and academy. People from across the world are coming together to contribute their skills to a wonderful work of art.

It is a work of art that anyone who is interested can be a part of, as the gates of the Millerntor Stadium will open over four days, from 29 June to 2 July, to give the efforts of more than 150 honorary workers some well-deserved recognition. The volunteers organised not only the art exhibition but also a fantastic music lineup, curated by Bela B (Die Ärzte), Fettes Brot and DJ Mad (Beginner) and a vibrant culture programme.

St. Pauli president Oke Göttlich was fulsome in his praise for the event: "The exhibition is a perfect fit for us and the quarter, more so than for any other club. We take the interaction between football and culture very seriously. Because of the many international artists the Millerntor Gallery is a calling card for us, too."

The walls of the Millerntor Stadium will be adorned by new works of art for 12 months, thus lending the world's most beautiful stadium even more charm. "The nicest moment is when the walls fill up and the creativity enters the room," said Fritz. "It's great to see what's come of this crazy idea."


Photo: Witters