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This season has unfolded without Ryo Miyaichi. The fleet-footed winger has not played at all thus far due to osteitis pubis and a muscle injury. In conversation with the media, the Japan midfielder was happy to share his thoughts on what has been a difficult time for him.

Ryo Miyaichi on...

...returning to the training ground: "I'm back and able to play football at long last. I'm incredibly happy to train with the team again. It's been an awfully long time for me again."

...the long injury layoff: "Being injured is always difficult. It's been an arduous period for me and different from when I had the cruciate ligament tears, when I knew I'd be playing again after eight months. It's taken longer than I thought. Sometimes I was in pain, sometimes I wasn't. I spent a lot of time at the ENDO Rehab Clinic, but I've been back since last week and am all the happier for being able to play football again. I'm not in pain any more, I'm fit and able to train. My head is free and I'm no longer thinking about the injury."

...a possible return to action: "I need a bit more time. I haven't played for nearly a year. Besides time, I also need the training. I have to train consistently and then we'll see what happens."

...the support in recent months: "My wife and children, the club and my teammates, have all given me strength and had positive words, which was important for me."

...the recent success of the team: "It's been a lot of fun to watch. They've played really well. I've trained a few times with the lads now and have been surprised by the quality, which is really high. I got to know the new players while I was injured, I just need to do it on the pitch now, which is more important. I'm already looking forward to playing alongside them."

...his goal of playing in the league again this season: "I simply want to stay injury and pain free. That's the key thing and my prime objective for the time being. I just want to perform every day. That's what I can do. Whether I play or not is for the coach to decide."

...his expiring contract and plans for the future: "I really like this club. If I have the opportunity to stay, why not? I don't know what's in store for me, as I haven't spoken to Andreas Bornemann yet. We talked a lot during my injury layoff, though, which is good motivation for me. I've only just started training with the team and that's what I'm focusing on now. I simply want to give my best on the pitch again."

...his family: "Me and my family have been in Hamburg for nearly five years now. My wife is enjoying the time here, my son is already in kindergarten. It's like a second home for us. We're happy to live here."


Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters