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It's now a couple of weeks since the Boys in Brown started training individually and largely within their own four walls. The same goes for goalkeeper Korbinian Müller, of course, who is having to make do without the usual team and goalkeeper training.

Hi Korbi, first things first, how are you?

I'm fine as far as it goes.

How are you keeping up to date as far as the corona pandemic is concerned?

It's the only thing anyone's talking about really so you do give it a lot of thought. It's not on my mind all day, but I do try to keep myself informed as far as possible. I catch up with the news every morning but don't usually have another look until the evening. I try not to think about it during the day. 

You have enough to keep you busy thanks to the training plans you've all been given. What do you think of the programme put together by our performance coaches Christoph Hainc Scheller and Karim Rahwan?

It's very comprehensive and intensive, but that's exactly what we need. We've put lots of miles in already with all the running and cycling.

You're having to make do without the goalkeeper-specific drills with Matze Hain at the moment, aren't you?

That's right, I'm doing the same programme as the rest of the squad. There aren't any exercises especially for goalkeepers, but I have asked the performance coaches if they can incorporate some shorter, more explosive exercises focusing on speed strength for us keepers.

Korbi is keeping fit by doing stabilisation, strength and agility exercises in the hall of his flat.

Korbi is keeping fit by doing stabilisation, strength and agility exercises in the hall of his flat.

It's not possible to work with the ball at the moment, or are you using the wall as a training partner and diving around the living room?

(He laughs) I don't have the option of diving around the flat here, and it would probably be quite painful in any case. I've seen some videos of people doing things like this online but I haven't reached that point yet. At the moment I'm managing without the goalkeeper training we usually do.

So you're not worried about your hands and fingers seizing up then?

No, I'm not, I should be well practised with all the years I've done (he laughs).

How much are you missing standing in goal, getting bombarded with shots and plucking the odd ball out of the top corner?

I'd love to be out on the pitch with the lads practising our passion. I do miss it, but it isn't possible at the moment. We'll have to wait and see when we can get back, but it looks like it's going to be a while yet. In general, though, I'm the kind of person who's happy when he can do sport.

How are you spending your time when you're not training? 

Mostly with property. I started training to be an estate agent in October. I'd put the exam back to the end of the season but now I'll have to wait and see how things develop, of course. I'm also using the time to tidy up and do some admin. 

To finish, have you got any tips for how to make good use of your time at home?

At this time I think it's really important to think about your own health and not just the topic of health in general. You can do sport or grab a book and educate yourself about the subject. It's the ideal time right now and there are enough possibilities online.

Thanks for the interview!


Photos: Korbinian Müller (personal)



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