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Good news from FC St. Pauli just before the winter break. The Boys in Brown have tied another leading talent to the club on a long-term deal after director of sport Uwe Stöver handed Niclas Nadj a professional contract that will run from 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2021.

Nadj, 17, has progressed through the ranks since joining the Under-10s and now leads the way in terms of goals and assists for the Under-19s (4 goals/5 assists). He is also a member of the extended Germany Under-19 squad.

Reaction to the deal

Uwe Stöver, director of sport: "“Niclas has played for the club since a very young age and has developed into a promising talent. His signing professional terms is a signal to other youth players that producing a consistently high level of performance will get you noticed, of course. and gives you a good chance of making the grade at FC St. Pauli."

Roger Stilz, head of academy: "Niclas has his qualities in centre-midfield and has not only drawn on them but has progressed as well. He has a professional approach to the everyday life of a footballer and is always ready to make the necessary sacrifices. He's very dangerous in front of a goal and has above-average ability when it comes to the penultimate and the final pass. His resoluteness is to be commended even more when you consider he was born so late in the year (24 December). Niclas has been with us since the Under-10s and is a St. Pauli person, so we’re delighted he’s committed to take the next step with the club.”

Niclas Nadj: "I’m very glad to have signed my first professional deal for St. Pauli. I've been playing for a special club since I was nine and have come through the ranks. I’m grateful for the trust that’s been placed in me and will try to repay that trust with good performances."


Photos: Witters