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Boukhalfa: "From day one I've been treated like I've been here for ages"

Carlo Boukhalfa made an immediate impression in training and confirmed his good form in the 13-0 friendly win at MTV Hetlingen, getting on the scoresheet twice in a decent performance. On Monday afternoon, the new recruit took time out to answer questions from the media after training.

...the friendly at Hetlingen: They were exactly the right opposition for getting started in the opening warm-up game. We moved the ball around well and had some good moments, so it was very enjoyable."

...his favourite midfield position: I honestly don't care where I play in midfield - whether it's as a number 10, 8 or 6. I just want to be on the pitch. I like to get involved up front but track back as well, so the 8 could be a good fit. At Regensburg I often played as a deep-lying forward in the 10 position but also as a number 6, depending on the opposition. I felt comfortable in both positions."

...his strengths and weaknesses: "That's for others to judge. All I can say is I always give my all and try to deliver in every position. I do want to become calmer on the ball, though, especially in pressure situations. That will come with more match practice."

...differences to Regensburg's style of play: The focus is different here, I have to say. We've done more with the ball so far and moved it around more as well. At Regensburg, we pressed more and hit a lot of long balls."

...the first few days with his new teammates: The lads are relaxed and very open, you can talk to all of them. From day one I've been treated like I've been here for ages, which has impressed me. The quality in training is really good, you have to get used to it first. It's a lot of fun, though."

Carlo Boukhalfa (right) scored twice in the friendly at Hetlingen.

Carlo Boukhalfa (right) scored twice in the friendly at Hetlingen.

...the games against St. Pauli: "We lost both times last season and both were tough games for us. St. Pauli were superb in the first one and moved the ball around well. It was very attractive football. I hope we keep that going. We're doing everything we can in training to make sure that's the case this season."

...last year at Jahn Regensburg: "It was an instructive year for me under Mersad Selimbegović. He played me a lot, believed in me and supported me, for which I'm grateful. I hope they have a good season, of course. I'm looking forward to every game. You always enjoy playing against your old teammates."

...flat-hunting and his first few days in Hamburg: I moved into my flat three days ago. It's a very different city compared with Regensburg or Freiburg, where I come from. There's so much happening here and there are so many people out and about and you have to get used to that. It's a beautiful city and a good place to live. I'm on my own for now but my girlfriend will join me next month."

...possible targets: "Setting yourself targets in terms of numbers isn't advisable. I just want to go flat out every day, take each game as it comes and play as often as I can."

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