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Four women now serving on supervisory board

Elections for the supervisory board and the honorary council were held at FC St. Pauli’s general assembly on Saturday (17 December). In Sandra Schwedler, Dr Philippe Niebuhr and Sönke Goldbeck, three members were re-elected to the seven-strong supervisory board. They are joined by new members Kathrin Deumelandt, Inga Schlegel, René Born and Anna-Maria Hass.

Three previous supervisory board members, Karsten Meincke, Gerrit Onken and Dr Kai Scharff, did not run again, while Roger Hasenbein stood down in line with the club constitution after completing four terms of office (the constitution now permits no more than consecutive three terms of office). A total of 13 candidates, including longstanding members Sandra Schwedler, Dr Phillippe Niebuhr and Sönke Goldbeck, stood for election, and all 13 were given three minutes to introduce themselves to the members in attendance before the vote took place.

The eagerly awaited results were then announced by Election Committee representative Pavel Andrasko. Kathrin Deumelandt picked up the highest number of votes (612 out of 895 valid votes cast), followed by Inga Schlegel (525) and Sandra Schwedler (519). René Born (335), Anna-Maria Hass (322), Dr Philippe Niebuhr (289) and Sönke Goldbeck (280) were also elected to the seven-person board. Schwedler had previously been the only woman on the supervisory board for many years but is now joined by another three female colleagues in Kathrin Deumelandt, Inga Schlegel and Anna-Maria Hass after today's vote. All the successful candidates accepted their election before club president Oke Göttlich thanked the outgoing supervisory board members for their service.


Photos: FC St. Pauli