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FC St. Pauli is breaking new ground and expanding its merchandise business. The Boys in Brown are going global by opening a new online store in North America.

St. Pauli has always been about more than just football. The club has been embedded in the music world for decades, especially rock 'n' roll. Few bands play one of the local venues without popping into the club shop first, and the skull and crossbones symbol is a feature at most music festivals in Germany.

For FC St. Pauli, then, it's only logical that the aim in the US is to be more than a football club. It's about forging a link between the rebellious idea behind the club and the rebellious idea behind rock 'n' roll. Here, the skull and crossbones logo takes on special importance.

Partnership with Kings Road Merch

To put this idea on the right footing, FC St. Pauli has entered a partnership with a merchandise company that has its roots in the music industry. Kings Road Merch not only has close ties with the internationally renowned punk label Epitaph, it also manages the webstores of bands who identify with the club and its values without exception.

FCSP-Shop.us is thus a platform that will operate through the popularity of the St. Pauli skull and crossbones and its links to the global music scene.

In Kings Road Merch, FC St. Pauli is delighted to have found a partner that fully supports and embodies the ideals and guiding principles of the club and that the club will share a platform with bands such as Social Distortion, Bad Religion, Beastie Boys and Dropkick Murphys.



Kings Road Merch

Kings Road Merchandise is an independent merchandise company from Los Angeles, California. KRM was formed by Brett Gurewitz (Bad Religion guitarist and founder of Epitaph Records) in 2009 to build on his past as a passionately independent musician committed to ethical principles.

Today KRM covers the entire merchandise spectrum, providing production and distribution services for a large portfolio of artists and bands, including Dropkick Murphys, Blink-182, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Rise Against, Tom Waits and Metallica.

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