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Vasilj: "I sensed it the moment I arrived"

One reason why the Boys in Brown overcame Karlsruhe 3-1 to celebrate their first win away from home since early April was an excellent showing from Nikola Vasilj, who produced several brilliant saves. In conversation with the media on Tuesday, the keeper looked back on the success at KSC, among other things.

Nikola Vasilj on...

...his performance at KSC: "I think it was my best game so far. I hadn't been given that much to do previously. I'm happy when I have work to do and can make some saves, though I'm still fuming about the goal we conceded. We defended well throughout and then gave away a really unnecessary goal. I obviously wanted to keep a clean sheet but it's more important that we won.

...his mate Jakov Medić: "Jakov still wasn't with the club when I moved to St. Pauli. I called him and told him I was back in Germany and at St. Pauli. A week later he rang me and told me he was coming to St. Pauli as well. Unbelievable! I'm really happy we're playing together again and playing well."

...FC St. Pauli: "It's a very special club. I sensed that the moment I arrived. First of all, the fans are incredible. The stadium and the passion shown by everyone at the club is very special, too."

...goalkeeper coach Mathias Hain: "He's doing an excellent job. I've already learned so much and am really satisfied with Matze. He sees the little things in our work. We do a video analysis after every game and talk about what I need to do better. He tells me when I have to position myself better, at what moment I have to pass the ball to a defender and when I have to hit it long.

Goalkeeper coach Mathias Hain in conversation with Dennis Smarsch and Nikola Vasilj before the Karlsruhe game.

Goalkeeper coach Mathias Hain in conversation with Dennis Smarsch and Nikola Vasilj before the Karlsruhe game.

...the decision between him and Dennis Smarsch: "It's normal at many clubs that one goalkeeper plays in the league and the other in the cup. Dennis supports me in every training session and every game, and I support him the same way. We get along well. It was hard for me when I was second-choice goalkeeper in Ukraine. I kept working hard and wanted to progress. I feel very good here at FC St. Pauli and think I can help the team. In my opinion I'm playing my best football at the moment."

...possible targets for this season: "It's hard to say. We've only played eight games so far and there's a long way to go. We'll see what happens, but we've made a very good start. We have to keep working hard and try to win every game."

...playing for Bosnia-Herzegovina: "Being with the national team gives you lots of confidence. It tells you you're good and have the ability to play there. The competition is good, though. Asmir Begović kept goal before and now it's Ibrahim Sehić. He's been around a long time and is a good keeper."


Photos: Witters/FC St. Pauli