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After the 4-0 defeat at Darmstadt and the 3-1 win over Sandhausen, FC St. Pauli ended a busy week on a successful note with a hard-fought 3-2 win at Nürnberg. We spoke to some delighted Boys in Brown after the final whistle.

Assistant coach Loïc Favé: "We obviously got off to a perfect start with the two goals but then became a little impatient and moved the ball forward very quickly. We could have set things up better and showed more composure in possession. Nürnberg came back into it and Nikola Vasilj made a couple of excellent saves before they deservedly pulled one back. In the second half we didn't defend compactly enough and we allowed them a few situations as a result. Compliments to the team for getting the third goal at the right moment. After that we defended very well as a unit. It was special today, of course, because Timo was missing. We shared the tasks he usually assumes responsibility for among the team and did very well."

Guido Burgstaller: "We're obviously happy to win here. We knew Nürnberg were a good side on form, which makes it all the nicer to return to Hamburg with three points. We countered well in the first 10 to 15 minutes and took a deserved two-goal lead. It always makes a difference when the coach isn't there, but our two young assistant coaches were outstanding. The players were very focused as well. We hope Schulle will be back soon, of course."

Philipp Ziereis: "It was a great game for the fans. Both teams made mistakes and there were a lot of chances. We were fortunate win in the end, but I think we deserved it. We had a game at Heidenheim last season where the gaffer was missing so it wasn't entirely new for us. It's always a strange situation when the boss isn't there, but we have full confidence in our coaching team and compensated for it very well. In the end it was a win for Schulle, too. We'll enjoy the moment, of course, and are happy to have picked up another away win. We're all looking forward to the next game against Schalke. Half past eight on a Saturday night at the Millerntor and a big game against Schalke. No one would have thought that two years ago."

Adam Dźwigała: "We had the ball in their box and I was watching very closely. The second ball found its way to me and I tried my best to place it near the post. Scoring my first goal for St. Pauli was an outstanding feeling. We played well and deserved the three points. We controlled the game better in the first half and then gave it all we had to see the game out. We managed to do that and so we go back to Hamburg with all three points."

Marcel Hartel: "It was a hard-earned win today. We threw ourselves into every tackle. We started well, had some good chances, scored two goals and could have got more. It was hard work in the end and we showed 100 per cent passion. We're delighted to have taken three points here. It's never the same without the boss on the touchline, of course, but I have to say Loïc and Fabi did an outstanding job."

Robert Klauss (FC Nürnberg coach): "Congratulations to St. Pauli on the win. We made the worst possible start against a team who came here full of confidence and are always capable of creating chances. We fought hard and tried to get back into the game with our physicality. We had our situations in the box and missed two golden opportunities. Before the game we said we wanted to be direct and defend deep when we lost possession because they're excellent on the break. It looked really good whenever we did that but then we conceded the third goal at a bad time. If we'd made it 2-2 after the break, the game would have tipped in our favour. In the end, St. Pauli protected their lead very intelligently."

Johannes Geis (FC Nürnberg): "I'd have preferred not to score and take a point instead. It was a nice goal but you can't really enjoy it when you lose. We gave away the goals too easily, which you can't afford to do against St. Pauli. When you're two-nil down after ten minutes because of simple mistakes, it's tough when you're up against a top team. We were well in the game, though, and fought our way back as you saw but the third goal killed us off."


Photos: Witters