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Gutted. The Boys in Brown were in sight of victory in the crunch clash with FC Nürnberg, only for Taylan Duman to level the scores for the visitors in time added on. After the final whistle, the disappointment was etched on the faces of the players as they made their lap of honour, the same went for head coach Timo Schultz at the post-match press conference. His counterpart, Robert Klauss, was not satisfied with the last-gasp point either.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "We lost 1-1 today. We've had several setbacks in the recent weeks and we'll deal with this one, too. I'm thinking of the unlucky goal we conceded against Bremen and the late equaliser at Sandhausen and today again in the 90th minute plus one. Nürnberg were able to hold up a crossfield ball from midfield and then it goes in at the near post. Lots of little things and you're left with a very different outcome. What ifs don't count in football, though, only what's on the scoreboard, and so we're hugely disappointed. We have to be angry about conceding late on but in general I can be pleased with the performance. What makes our fans stand out is that they have a very good feel for the team and the situation. The lads were disappointed and it's totally understandable that they needed a lift. Nevertheless, the special thing here is that we show we stick together and are there for one another. That was a good sign and gave the lads a bit of a lift at least. We have to pick ourselves up now. I'm known for being the world's biggest optimist now but it's hard for me today. You get days like these. From Tuesday it's full steam ahead towards Schalke. We have an opportunity to put ourselves back in striking distance there. An exceptional game awaits us and I'm looking forward to it. I'm sure we'll go flat out at Schalke."

Leart Paqarada: "It feels like a defeat. It's really disappointing because we gave a good performance and took a deserved lead. You have to see it out, that's clear. We defended very well for long periods but get caught off guard once and the ball's in the net. With the fans behind us, we wanted to show we haven't written off our chances and that's what we did, which makes it feel even worse. We'll see what the point is worth in the end. Everything's still up in the air in this league. Even though we're in a slightly worse position now, no one is writing off our chances."

Luca Zander: "It's hard to find the right words. The late equaliser was a real body blow. We played well and did what we set out to do. To then concede so late on is bitterly disappointing. In the situation that led to the penalty I'd speculated that Kofi would head it on and I was coming in from behind. That's always awkward for a defender who's trying to clear the ball. I got a kick on the calf and we got the penalty. We would do well to gather ourselves now. The game is all that counts today, and it feels like a defeat when you concede the equaliser so late on."

Robert Klauss (FC Nürnberg coach): "Our mood is mixed. We're disappointed not to have won most of all, but on the other hand we're obviously happy to have salvaged a point here today. We adopted a different approach today. We wanted to hold a deeper line and create opportunities to switch the play. It worked well early on, we had two good situations that we didn't see through to the end. After that St. Pauli had a lot of possession up to half-time and were more dominant. I would have wanted my lads to be braver on the ball and find more solutions going forward. We played square and back too often and didn't get into the final third often enough. In the second half we had a good situation right away, but then we were pinned back, which wasn't bad because it was part of the plan. The penalty was a daft one for us to concede and destroyed our plan. We switched things round, went all in and had to be careful not to concede a second on the break. It would have been game over then. At the end we got the equaliser. We're pleased about that but we wanted to win most of all and so we're disappointed as well."


Photo: Witters