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Göttlich: "We have to stop talking about promotion all the time"

Before heading off into the Christmas holidays, club president Oke Göttlich spoke to the media about the challenges and highlights of the year just ending as well as current topics around the game and FC St. Pauli.

Oke Göttlich on…

…the year on the pitch:

"There's no reason not to be satisfied with this year. We lit a little light and want to use it to light more little lights. When we were in 17th place last year, we sat down with our colleagues on the football side of things and considered how we can make the best of it. We have to keep calling this momentum to mind because at the time we asked ourselves the questions a football club should always be asking, for example, how can we do things better? The biggest mistake now would be to stop asking awkward questions and making potentially painful decisions. You have to keep trying to put things on a better footing."

…the significance of promotion:

"We have to stop talking about promotion all the time and start talking about what work we do every day. We want to be as successful as we can on the pitch because we'll have a much bigger impact with all our themes then, including in areas of relevance to society. Football is our platform and we want to be successful. It's nice that we are at the moment but the way there is paved with lots of decisions every day."

…the attendance planning for this season:

"Lockdowns aren't nice, but if there's any doubt a health measure that has to be introduced is more important than any entertainment activity, of which football is one. A lockdown that excludes all spectators and fans again would be a great pity because for us they're a key component for giving the team another couple of per cent. The lads out on the pitch for us now would have really deserved a full Millerntor. A lockdown would be the opposite of that, but we'll still do all we can to play football well.


"It's an important topic for the club – not just in merchandising but in other sectors, too. We laid down some very clear markers at the German Football League with the task force, but FC St. Pauli won't be waiting for the League to tell us what to do. We're itching to drive things forward and be an engine rather than just a compartment."

…plans regarding a cooperative model:

"It's a subject that's very close to what we stand for as a club and an option for financing bigger spending that might be required for additional infrastructure measures. If it looks good from a tax and a legal point of view, it's certainly a model that will keep crossing our desk."

…his wishes for 2022:

"My biggest wish is that we can make an amazing amount of people in the ground and around FC St. Pauli happy. And obviously I want people to stay healthy this year and us to get the pandemic better in check through vaccinations and other precautionary measures."


Photos: FC St. Pauli