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The consensus after the 1-1 draw at VfL Osnabrück was that it was not a good performance. But after going a man down in the closing stages, the Boys in Brown were happy to settle for a point against a newly promoted side who have impressed at home this season.

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "We didn't play the way we set out to in the opening stages. We were too far away. We just tracked them and didn't attack the ball with the necessary aggression. It was no surprise when Osnabrück took the lead when they did. After that we had the chances to win it, but over the 90 minutes the draw is a fair result. Nevertheless, it's about time we started winning away from home instead of simply playing well."

Daniel Buballa: "We struggled to get going and often came off second best. Osnabrück were more aggressive and imposing. We were asleep for the first 20 minutes, but the goal woke us up and we got the equaliser. What made us strong on Monday was lacking in every position today. We couldn’t bring our strengths into the game. We lacked the power to force a second goal and so while we can happy with the point, we can't be happy with the performance. We need to bring that performance onto the pitch again next week against Sandhausen."

Ryo Miyaichi: "We didn't get into the game well and started poorly. I'm glad we got a quick equaliser and I'm obviously delighted to score. Dimi was brilliant and teed the ball up for me superbly well. We couldn't build on the performance from the derby but did battle our way to a point."

Robin Himmelmann: "We've had matches in the past where we couldn't bring our game to the pitch and today was another one. We didn't win the ball as often as we have been doing away from home this season, which makes things tough. We were a bit too passive in the second half. We didn't want to give Osnabrück the space between the lines and that worked very well. The balls ended up coming in behind the backline, which meant we were unable to get forward quickly when we won the ball."

Dimitrios Diamantakos: "We knew Osnabrück would put us under a lot of pressure, especially early on, and that's the way it was. We were able to break free, though, and play our game. Ryo showed good movement for the equaliser and took it really well. In the second half, we didn't play so well. We have to be happy with the point, though, especially after going a man down near the end. We still had our chances, but a draw is OK. If I were three centimetres taller, my header after the restart would have gone in."


Photos: Witters