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Head coach Timo Schultz and his players were in self-critical mood after a third defeat on the bounce in a game that again could have gone the other way. The reaction to the 1-0 home loss to VfL Osnabrück.

Philipp Ziereis: "There’s nothing wrong with our attitude and commitment. Unfortunately, nothing’s coming off up front at the moment. We gave little away at the back and then conceded one of those goals towards the end. That kind of sums up our situation at the moment, but we have to keep going nevertheless. We have to take the blame for failing to score up front and conceding at the back. We’ll analyse that now but I’m not about to stick my head in the sand. We showed a response today after the last two games and we to stick to our path."

Robin Himmelmann: "Today’s game is typical of the last few weeks. I’m obviously peed off, we all are. When you look back over the 90 minutes, there’s no way it should end 1-0 to them. We failed to keep a clean sheet again and didn’t score at the other end. That’s been our problem in the last few weeks and that was the problem again today. Football’s not about how many chances you create or prevent at the back, it’s about what the scoreboard says at the end. And it doesn’t exactly read in our favour at the moment."

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It’s a bit like Groundhog Day. We put in another good performance today and had around 20 attempts on goal and loads of situations where the ball was flying around their box but still couldn’t stick it away. I think we were the better side in the first half. Osnabrück got into the game more early in the second half because of the changes they made. The game was on a knife-edge then and if you don’t score, you don’t deserve to win it. But I’m saying that too often after games unfortunately."

Marco Grote (VfL Osnabrück): “I’m happy with the performance of my team for the most part, even though we’ve had better games this season. At half-time we felt it would make sense if we showed more initiative and made some changes. We gradually improved in the second half but lacked punch in front of goal. In the end, we were obviously a bit lucky to win, but it’s still very important for us and a reward for the way we approached the game. We’re pleased to take the points.“


Photos: Witters