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The Boys in Brown took the final decisive step today and sealed promotion to the Bundesliga with another impressive performance. Understandably, the jubilation after the final whistle knew no bounds.

Director of sport Andreas Bornemann: "We've taken more right than wrong decisions this season, be it when we put the squad together, the coaching team and the entire staff. We stuck together when times were tough and kept calm, which was really important. Getting promoted is the product of a long period and it's deserved. The scenes after the game were fantastic. You can't wish for more when you work towards a goal day in, day out and then see how much it means to the fans. I can't wait to see what the evening brings. There's so much creativity within the team and the club, I think the right people will come up with a few ideas."

Head coach Fabian Hürzeler: "I won't comment on the game itself today. Just compliments to the team and my staff. So much has to go perfectly to get promoted. You need lots of experts in your team and I have them. I'm so glad to be able to work with them. I also have a team who are willing to learn and want to get better every day. From within they've evolved into a unit capable of achieving great things. They've come to terms with setbacks and responded to them. It's important to stress that the foundations for this success were laid before I started by Timo Schultz and Loïc Favé. That's where we laid the foundations for the way we want to play football. The task then was to make minor adjustments and we've been able to do that. That allowed us to get the results, and they helped us build our confidence. I'm very happy the team got their reward with the performance today. I'm happy with the confidence the players and the officials have given me. I'm glad we've been able to give them something back and the supporters as well. Their support has been special all year. I'm delighted they can let their hair down and celebrate today. I'd like to wish VfL Osnabrück a good new start in the third division and a quick return to the second."

Jackson Irvine: "My emotions are going crazy. I've never felt anything like it. Gratitude, joy, simply everything. I'm completely overwhelmed. It's just incredible to see how much it means to people, not just us. Unglaublich! This is why I came here. I wanted to achieve something for the fans and give the people something and we've done that by getting promoted. We've all invested so much, week in, week out. And it's a huge honour to be captain of this team, something I don't take for granted. We had belief going into the game. We were prepared. We wanted to give our utmost and leave everything on the pitch and all of us gave everything to seal promotion. It was the only way we were going to go up. We sat down at the beginning of the season and placed the highest expectations on ourselves and that's the attitude we took into training every week. We gave our all, our hearts and we worked so hard and now we have this moment together. Amazing."

Marcel Hartel: "It's an incredible feeling when the referee blows the final whistle and you know you're going up and playing in the Bundesliga next year. And it's absolutely deserved when you take the season as a whole. When Kiel drew 1-1 with Düsseldorf we knew we had it in our own hands today. I preferred it that way because the emotions are so much different when you do it yourself rather than at home on the sofa. We're overjoyed to have done it. We did it by sticking together and by playing some really good football. I've always said my dream was to play in the Bundesliga. Today we're going to tear up the Millerntor and celebrate."

Uwe Koschinat (VfL Osnabrück head coach): "I can imagine so well that no one's really interested in a detailed analysis of the match. After getting relegated our energy levels weren't high enough to bring any more to the pitch today. Huge compliments and congratulations to Fabian, his coaching team and the whole club! Fabi initiated this process last season with an incredible streak and carried it on this season almost without interruption. The way St. Pauli play football and the life and energy in the team is really impressive, as is the way they achieved promotion. I wish you lots of fun in the Bundesliga."


Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters