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Fourth-placed Paderborn were unable to prevent the Boys in Brown from extending their winning run and taking all three points for the sixth time in a row. After the final whistle, the Boys in Brown looked back on an excellent first half and a not so good second half. Unsurprisingly, they were delighted with the result. The pick of the post-match reaction...

Head coach Fabian Hürzeler: "We saw a very good second-division game. I was delighted with my team's first-half showing. We had really good spells of possession and were able to keep switching from one side to the other. We rewarded ourselves early with the opening goal and remained the better team with better chances after that. We scored an outstanding second goal. The only thing I have to criticise in the first half is that we overcomplicated things at times and gave the ball away, which let Paderborn come back into it. After the break, something happened that shouldn't happen when you're 2-0 up. We conceded early. After that we were too passive in certain phases, less active in the gaps and not as bold and resolute on the ball as we were in the first half. We'll have to analyse that. It's a process, luck's a part of it and we were lucky in stoppage time, but the lads have earned their luck. We know where we stand and we know we have to keep working hard."

Lukas Daschner: "The last time I scored a brace was in the Under-19s, I think. Against Wuppertal or Düsseldorf, I don't remember exactly. The second goal was really well worked. It started at the back and then Manos played a great ball into the middle to me. I was a bit lucky when the ball went in off the post instead of coming back out. We had more chances in the first half but failed to add another goal. After the restart, we were unlucky to concede. We didn't play out from the back as courageously as we normally do. Looking at the second half, we have to find solutions so we don’t become too passive, which is what we were until the 60th minute. That improved after a break in the play, though. We were lucky to win in the end but we deserved it. We work hard every week and instead of settling for what we have we'll keep on going."

Eric Smith: "It was one of our hardest away games. It wasn't easy against Paderborn's fast players. We tried to stand a little deeper so as not to give them any space. We did that well. It was tight at the end and we had to give our all and fight to see the game out. In the first half we played really well and created some chances. The counterattack for the second goal was outstanding. That's how we want to play football. Defensively, we were very stable again. It's obviously a superb result. We're all happy to have won today."

Marcel Hartel: "It's a nice feeling to have won away for the third time in a row after going through a long barren spell on the road. Winning six games in a row also feels really good and it's great for the fans as well. It was a very tough game for us, but as you saw the whole team showed the desire to win. We had a very good first half, the best in footballing terms under Fabian Hürzeler, and a not so good second half where we weren't as bold as we had been. Everyone deserves huge praise for the way they fought. In this league, anyone can beat anyone, and that includes us. We have to stay focused and keep going with the passion we've shown in our last few games."

Leart Paqarada: "It was a hard-fought win today and we had a bit of luck here and there. We mustn't push our luck, though, we have to bring our quality to the pitch. It's crazy, we didn't expect to go on a run like this. We knew what we were capable of, but to win six in a row is something special."


Photos: Witters