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In an amazing end to the game, the Boys in Brown claimed three points against a very good Paderborn side with a stoppage-time winner. Here's the best of the post-match reaction.

Johannes Flum: "We didn't play well and didn't have enough grip. Looking at the second half, we have to be honest and say a point would have been good today. We won in the end but we've no need to apologise for that. We've played well in other games and lost. If we play like that on Sunday, though, it's going to be tough. We have to do much better. I'm really looking forward to my first derby. I've played there a few times and it's a good atmosphere."

Marvin Knoll: "Paderborn have scored a lot of goals on the counter this season. When they break, they do it really well, so we wanted to keep things a bit tighter at the back. It wasn't our best performance, but we defended well. People will have forgotten about the game in any case tomorrow. I'm off for an ice bath. The derby is all that counts from now on. We're all fired up!"

Christopher Buchtmann: "It wasn't a good game, that's for sure. We can do better. Paderborn moved the ball around better and so we're happy to have taken the three points. We can't be happy with the way we played football today. It was an ugly win, but we'll take it."

Philipp Ziereis: "We struggled to get into the game and weren't very bright. In the first half I think we had the better chances, and in the second we weren't troubled as much. We have to focus on our defending above all else. We did today and anything is possible then."

Dimitrios Diamantakos: "We got the decisive goal and won the game as a result. We had a couple of good chances as the game wore on and in the end I'm glad we managed to settle it in our favour. It's good to score, of course, but taking three points is more important. The win obviously gives us confidence going into the derby. The game is so important for the city, we know that."

Robin Himmelmann: "When we look back at the game, we'll see we gave Paderborn too much space in some areas. At the end of the day, we came from behind to win, which doesn't happen all that often in this league. We can be happy with that. From tomorrow, the nerves and the excitement ahead of Sunday will start to kick in."

Christian Strohdiek (Paderborn captain): "We were never second best today. I have to take my hat off to my team for the way we performed and passed the ball around here. And yet we still go home empty-handed."

Markus Krösche (Paderborn director of sport): "In no way did we deserve to lose today, but as against Magdeburg we made too many mistakes. We can't afford to make these mistakes. St. Pauli dropped back very deep. At times, they had eleven men in their box, but we still created chances, including three we really should have taken."


Photos: Witters


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