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The Boys in Brown racked up a 5-0 win over Karlsruhe on Monday evening. While the visitors were left rueing their performance after the game, the mood in the home camp couldn't have been better. Here's what some of the players had to say.

Bernd Nehrig: "We've worked our way up really well and bust a gut tonight. You can see the confidence growing from week to week. Then you're going to get performances like the one today. Everything's going like clockwork at the moment and we aim to keep that up. We gave a convincing display and the new pitch helped us there. It wasn't a given that the club would put one down, it has to be said."

Waldemar Sobota: "We were determined to do better after the frustration of the late draw at Bielefeld and that's what we did. It was an outstanding team performance but we can't let it go to our heads. Instead we have to build on it and keep going. We can be pleased with the win tonight but tomorrow we have to be fully focused on training again."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "It was an unbelievable match today. I'm not feeling any pain in my calf now. I did feel a brief twinge during the game but everything's OK. We're playing some good football at the moment. Next week we have to carry on where we left off and stay focused. If we work as hard as we did this week, we'll be on the right track."

Cenk Sahin: "The processes in the team are getting better with every game – especially in attack. We've worked very hard on that in the last few weeks. It's not important who scores the goals or provides the assists. All that matters is that we win. We played to the limit as a team but there's still room for improvement."

Moritz Stoppelkamp (KSC): "That was an evening to forget. The defeat really hurts. It wasn't good enough for the second division, you can't play any worse than that. We were lucky to go in at half-time just one goal down and then we go and concede three in eight minutes after the break. It was shockingly bad."

Dimitris Diamantakos (KSC): "The first half was OK, we pressed the ball well, but the second half was a disaster. We have to get the defeat out of our system fast. We've got a difficult journey ahead of us."

Jonas Meffert (KSC): "We didn't start the game well and the first goal came too early. I've no words to describe that performance. We conceded the goals far too easily."


Photo: Witters