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Top-tier celebrations!

FC St. Pauli will play in the Bundesliga next season after 13 years in the second division. To give you an idea of how the day was celebrated at the Millerntor, we've put together the best photos from yesterday's party.

Oladapo Afolayan's early opener gave an indication of the huge promotion party to come and that was confirmed when Afolayan and Marcel Hartel added further goals to secure promotion for the sixth time in the club's history. Fans began climbing over the fences several minutes before the end and then kicked off a huge party on the pitch after the final whistle.

The jubilant Boys in Brown disappeared in the crowd before gradually drifting into the dressing room with their families to continue the raucous celebrations.

While the players were celebrating in the dressing room, head coach Fabian Hürzeler and his Osnabrück counterpart, Uwe Koschinat, made their way to the post-match press conference on the second floor of the main stand. Just as it finished, the Boys in Brown burst into the room armed with copious amounts of beer and gave Hürzeler a massive beer shampoo.

The players left the press conference room practically overflowing with beer and returned to the stadium with a drenched Hürzeler to celebrate with thousands of fans from the Rabauken-Block between the Main Stand and South Stand.

Photos: FC St. Pauli