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The Boys in Brown failed to get the win they were looking for at Jahn Regensburg, a late equaliser preventing them from travelling home with all three points. Here's all the match reaction.

Director of sport Uwe Stöver: "We aimed to go in front, keep our shape and play the kind of counterattacking game that would see us creating chances. For the most part, it came off. We had the chance to make it 2-0, which would have been the killer blow. In view of the run Regensburg are on, which has now stretched to nine games unbeaten, I would have been happy with a point before the game. We have to live with the point and we're fine with that. We had a few problems to contend with because in Buballa, Knoll and Ziereis we had three players who were really struggling at half-time – it ranged from nausea and feeling unwell to dizziness. We knew it would be difficult to get them all through to the finish. With that in mind, the lads did really well. They gritted their teeth and threw themselves into the tackles as long as their legs would carry them. That wasn't very easy at all, so the point is all the more valuable."

Christopher Buchtmann: "We set out to allow Regensburg space and try to hit them on the break, which in the beginning didn't work so well. We then pressed them higher up the field, which was better. We had some good opportunities to break and should have made it 2-0 and put the game to bed but instead we ended up being punished."

Henk Veerman: "It wasn't a good performance from us today. Regensburg did better than us, especially in the first half. We went in ahead at the break, however, and we knew we had to improve. When I had the chance to make it 2-0, I was hoping the keeper would open his legs up. He did that, but not wide enough. Regensburg never stopped fighting, though, and they got the equaliser in the end. The late goal was unfortunate for us, of course. I was pleased to be back in the starting lineup, of course, but I'd have much preferred to win here today."

Sami Allagui: "It was a heated, physical game. We weren't really able to play our game, but we still went in front, albeit with a bit of luck. Just before the equaliser we had the chance to make it 2-0 but then we were punished. At the end of the day a point is OK, we can live with that."

Philipp Ziereis: "I think I ate something wrong. Other lads had upset stomachs as well. I was sick at half-time but sometimes you have to grit your teeth and get on with it. I think you could tell I wasn't all there in the odd situation. All in all, though, I think we can be happy with the point. Regensburg haven't overtaken us. We've kept them at a distance, so we can build on that."

Marvin Knoll: "It was an awesome game today, an awesome battle. We knew how hard it would be to hold our own here. It wasn't a good first half from us, yet we still went in ahead at half-time. We just have to make better use of our opportunities on the break. Regensburg pressed and got a deserved equaliser."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "In my opinion we weren't in the game the way we should have been. We knew what we were up against. The goal was top-class. We didn't have that many chances, though we did defend deep as well. The second half was a bit better, but all in all we can do better than that."

Christopher Avevor: "We didn't play well in the first half but took the lead with a good move on the counter. We weren't really in the game, though. In the second half it was obvious Regensburg would come at us again. We held our own for long periods and a huge chance to make it 2-0 – which would have flattered us, of course, given the way the game had gone – and so as a result we failed to keep a clean sheet and conceded a really disappointing goal. When you consider how the game went, though, it was a fair result."

Marco Grüttner: "We got the crowd behind us from the start. St. Pauli took the lead with their first chance, which was completely against the run of play. We were determined not to lose, but if Veerman had made it 2-0, it would probably have been lights out for us. As it was, we stayed in it and continued to put them under pressure. In the end we came away with a richly deserved point."


Photos: Witters