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The Boys in Brown ended the 2020/21 campaign with a 3-0 defeat at Jahn Regensburg to sign off in tenth place. Head coach Timo Schultz had no reason to be satisfied with his team's performance after the final whistle, of course. In contrast, his counterpart Mersad Selimbegović was relieved to see his side deliver the goods and secure their second-divisions status for another year.

Timo Schultz: "We didn't start too badly to be fair and had the first good chance through Guido. It would have been very tricky for Regensburg if we'd taken the lead there. We made too many mistakes as the game wore on and were made to pay for not being mentally agile enough. Their first goal came after we had lost our footing a couple of times. When you make so many mistakes and invite your opponents to shoot, you're going to lose against a side like Regensburg, who are able to play a high-intensity game over 90 minutes. Our heads went down after our first negative experiences on our feet. We were unable to step up a gear after that. I had the feeling it was getting tougher for us with every minute, and our tackling lacked bite. Simple mistakes left us chasing the ball too often. The way we played today was not what we have shown for long periods this season, especially since the turn of the year."

Mersad Selimbegović (Jahn Regensburg): "St. Pauli had an outstanding second half of the season and it would have been really difficult to come from behind, as they always have an answer on the pitch. Thankfully, Alex defused the chance. We tried to press them quickly to win the ball and shift into transition, which we did really well a couple of times. In the game, we killed the game off early. It was a completely new situation for us not to be left biting our nails and fighting for something in time added on. It's a huge relief, we haven't been in this situation for a couple of years. We stayed calm and kept believing in ourselves. The tension eased slightly when we made it 3-0. You're never safe at 2-0, especially against a side like St. Pauli if they manage to pull one back."


Photos: Witters