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The mixed zone was full of beaming faces after the 4-3 win over Jahn Regensburg, yet the euphoria was limited.

Robin Himmelmann: "It was important to win the game and put in the kind of performance that we'd actually been hoping to deliver in previous weeks. Today we played very well for 90 minutes, though there's still room for improvement. It was a weight off our shoulders when the final whistle went. We worked as a team today and had a better feeling on the pitch. When that happens, you're able to come from behind. We told each other we'd only end up lying on the ground after the game because we're exhausted."

Johannes Flum: "This game was an important signal because at the moment it's all about the way we perform and improve. To come from behind against a team like that is great. It's fantastic to see Buchti running and sliding in and setting off on a sprint in the 88th minute. That's how you turn games round. That performance has to be the yardstick as far as the intensity is concerned. We wanted to get the fans back on our side and we went some way to doing that. We've taken a step forward, but we have to keep our feet on the ground because we've got another tough game in front of us at Dresden next week." 

Christopher Buchtmann: "We wanted to show the fans the real St. Pauli. People like seeing games like that one. Everyone got stuck in. As you saw, we put the coach's system into practice better than we did before. We lacked a bit of confidence in the first half, but we didn't give up and weren't prepared to take any nonsense. We got the energy back on the pitch today. The performance gives us courage, but we mustn't let up. Football's fun when you let the ball do the work. We'll enjoy it today.  

Marvin Knoll: "It was a very special game for me. I'm still a Jahn fan. I didn't want to lose because otherwise people would have had a lot to say to me. We had 11 fighters on the pitch. We showed good presence and tackled very well. The second half was the best we've played this season. The coach has given the team new impetus. We should be willing to have a go. We press, push up high and run the risk of getting caught on the break, but I prefer a 4-3 to a game with few goals."

Dimitrios Diamantakos: "We hadn't won for a while and today we finally ended that run. We scored goals and got three points. We have to keep going now."

Mats Møller Dæhli: "Though we conceded too many goals, it was still a good performance overall. We defended high up the pitch and gave Regensburg little time. It's a new system and it always takes a bit of time. The fans and the club deserved this performance. We were simply poor in the last six games. We played like St. Pauli today and that's why the atmosphere was superb."

Marco Grüttner: "I'm a bit speechless at the moment. It's disappointing that we couldn't carry the performance from the first half into the second. It was then simply a question of when we concede. Nevertheless, we put in a decent performance and tried everything we could."


Photos: Witters