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Head coach Timo Schultz had every reason to be satisfied after the 2-0 home win over Jahn Regensburg. The Boys in Brown were rock solid at the back and demonstrated clinical efficiency in attack.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "It was a hard-fought contest but that was to be expected. We went into the game knowing we'd have to go about our work with a high level of intensity against one of the league's most combative teams. It was a game between two evenly matched sides and we're delighted to have won it. We took our chances today, Regensburg didn't. We were fortunate to win it but it wasn't undeserved. When the final whistle went, I turned round to Andreas Bornemann and said it can't be over just yet because we haven't conceded (he laughs). It was important for every single player to go out today with the prime aim of defending our goal with everything they had and they did that so impressively. In the second half you could tell the lads would get their reward today by the way they launched themselves at every ball. There's a saying about the luck of the brave, and we were extremely brave today and deserved to keep a clean sheet and win the game. We have 16 points now and when you consider how poorly the first half of the season has gone that's a substantial tally. The path we're taking with the team at the moment, with the spirit we've developed together and the two or three changes we made in winter, shows it's the right one."

Dejan Stojanović: "We demonstrated again that we can put a lot of quality on the field. We were very solid and fought to the end. I think we were well worth the win today. We'll turn our attention to Bochum now and try to get another three points."

Philipp Ziereis: "The three points were more important than the fact we kept a clean sheet. Nevertheless, it's good to know we can keep a clean sheet. Regensburg didn't really have any big chances. That's our foundation. In addition to that we imposed ourselves on the game and got our reward. We've worked hard on our game and on our weaknesses in recent weeks and since the second half at Würzburg we've played and defended better. We want to keep the trend going. We're focusing on ourselves but it's nice to be out of the drop zone after today's game. We have to keep going in exactly the same way now and if we do that, I'm sure we'll climb away from the bottom."

Guido Burgstaller: "The free-kick was rehearsed, we do that a lot in training. I'm glad it came off so well. Our set pieces haven't always come off fully in recent games, so we're all the happier this one did today and resulted in the opening goal. I start in an offside position to then be able to finish the square ball. When it's as good as the ball played by Kofi today, I can finish it. It's easy to bundle it over the line then. I always knew we had the quality. We've shown it often enough, but the little things have been lacking. We've simply done better as a team in the last few games. Every game with the lads helps me and helps us to gel better. We've seen that in recent games. I'm getting closer to 100 per cent. Every game does me good, especially when we win and I can help the team with my goals. It lifts my confidence."

Mersad Selimbegović (SSV Jahn Regensburg): "It was a performance like so many others this season. We invested a lot and had lots of good moments but come away empty-handed. We played well but didn't take our chances. We lacked concentration a couple of times and they exploited that with clinical efficiency. You end up losing control of the game and can't keep a clean sheet for long. You have to make the play and we tried a lot of things, but I had the feeling we could have played all night and still wouldn't have scored. It's hard to take but that's how it is in this league. You lose games you don't need to lose and vice-versa. Congratulations to St. Pauli and all the best."


Photos: Witters