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After the 3-1 defeat at Regensburg we gathered the reaction of some of the players in the mixed zone.

Christopher Buchtmann: " After a game like that the mood in the camp is obviously catastrophic. Next week we have the next extremely important game. We need an explosion there. It's in our own hands but we have to cut out the mistakes."

Christopher Avevor: "We're incredibly disappointed. In the second half we set out to step on the gas again, but there was little we could do two men down."

Jan-Philipp Kalla: "We now have three games left to get some important points. The fans aren't happy, of course, but neither are we. We encouraged each other again after the game. The situation a few years ago was even more desperate and we managed to get out of it together. Regensburg had very few chances in the first half but got the goals. That's not happening for us at the moment."


Photo: Witters