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Andreas Rettig to leave club for personal reasons on 30 September 2019

Andreas Rettig is to cease his activities as commercial director of FC St. Pauli for personal reasons on 30 September 2019 to return to his chosen home city of Cologne. The 55-year-old informed the managing board of his decision and the personal reasons that led to it well in advance. In talks on the best-possible procedure for both sides, it was agreed that Rettig would leave the club at the end of the third quarter of 2019.

"The discussions on Andreas's departure were amicable, respectful and driven at all times by the club's long-term planning," said club president Oke Göttlich. "We take our hats off Andreas for the integrity and loyalty he has shown and the work he has done on behalf of the club over the last four years. Thank you, Andreas! We will miss you and your professional view of things, even though we have gained a friendly consultant!"

"The decision to leave this great club was an incredibly difficult one, but there are "50+1" private and personal reasons for this step," said Rettig. "I would like to express my thanks to the managing and supervisory boards for a working relationship that has been shaped by trust in every respect and to the staff, with whom we have changed and implemented lots of things in the last four years. I will stay on board until 30 September and until then will put everything I have into the continued positive development of the club."

"The decision comes at a time when the club is solidly placed both in financial terms and in terms of the league table," added Oke Göttlich. "Since assuming office, this managing board has stood and will continue to stand for the balance between sporting ambition and financial viability. We will make an announcement regarding Andreas Rettig's successor in the summer."


Photos: Witters