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Six wins out of six at home, five wins on the bounce, the fifth a comfortable 4-0 defeat of Hansa Rostock. Little wonder, then, that the Boys in Brown were in high spirits after the game, as reflected in the post-match reaction.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "I have to admit Rostock surprised us a bit with their lineup, especially with Lukas Fröde so flexible. We had to react to that first, which meant we struggled to get a grip early on. The game turned on the first chance, which we immediately put away. The boys played with lots of verve as the game wore on. I'm obviously very pleased and happy. It was definitely a deserved victory for us. When you win one game after another, your confidence is obviously very high and your subs get goals like that. The way we scored our goals was very good, but also the way we pressed the ball. Our back four is so solid and Afeez so incredibly strong in front of it. The atmosphere was superb and the way the game unfolded did the rest. I still would have preferred to have away fans here, though. I hope that we can get back to a situation at some point where both home and away fans are there and, if possible, at full capacity. But it has to be safe. That has to remain our highest priority."

Philipp Ziereis: "We knew what the Rostock game meant to our fans. It's a special game for us and for every St. Pauli fan. You could already feel the atmosphere during the warm-up. We wanted to create some fireworks and we did that. The only phase where we weren't in complete control was in the first 10 or 15 minutes, but we gradually got into the game and imposed ourselves on it. When we put in performances like that week after week, it's obvious people will keep talking about the Bundesliga. We're happy the ground is rocking. We work hard week in, week out, we keep pushing and want to achieve the maximum, but we still have a long way to go. Not many people were reckoning with us before the season started, so we're enjoying it. Let's see what materialises in the end."

Guido Burgstaller: "We struck in clinical fashion with the first two goals, gradually got into the game better and could have scored even more. We're delighted with the 4-0 scoreline, though, it was a good performance from front to back."

Jakov Medić: "It was difficult for Rostock to come back into the game after the first two goals. We've shown in every home game how difficult it is to play against us at the Millerntor and we did that again today - with these fantastic fans behind us. The fans were so loud I said to Paqa, 'What's going on?! I can hardly concentrate on the game'. We enjoyed it and just played our game. We have to focus on Dresden now and try to win in the cup as well."

Luca Zander: "I'm sure you'll have seen we gave our all today and the effort was worth it. We all felt the atmosphere was even better today. We're all the more pleased to have given the fans a win like that. We'll do all we can to keep winning here at the Millerntor."

Etienne Amenyido: "Amazing! The atmosphere was amazing, too! It was my first experience of the fans on the pitch today. It was great! We're playing with lots of confidence and the first two goals were a big help. We're hard to stop once we get going."

Jens Härtel (Hansa Rostock coach): "There's no doubt St. Pauli were well worth the win, even by that margin. We had 15 good minutes in the game, the first ten and the five after the interval. We had situations where we could and perhaps should have scored. We conceded the first goal because we didn't defend well and then shipped the second straight after. We had our moments, but St. Pauli were better than us in and around their own penalty area as well. That's another reason why you lose games like this one and can't come back.


Photos: Witters