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The sense of disappointment in the St. Pauli camp was tangible after a 1-0 defeat at Sandhausen that could have been avoided. Frustration reigned after a game in which they not only conceded an unnecessary goal but also failed to take their chances.

Head coach Timo Schultz: "We made a good start and carved out some good chances. Ultimately, though, we weren't resolute enough in front of goal. As the game wore on, Sandhausen made things increasingly difficult for us and created chances of their own. We had more pressure on the ball and were too wayward in our passing. The phase before the break belonged to Sandhausen and that's when they scored. You can't prevent everything in football, you can always concede. I'm more annoyed about the phases in which we had possession but didn't take advantage. We had good control again from the back and created several opportunities, but we didn't find the net, though Sandhausen did defend well. They did find the net, and so they won 1-0. Football is about scoring goals and we didn't manage that today."

Robin Himmelmann: "We got off to a very good start, exerted a lot of pressure from the outset and played to our game plan. Sandhausen responded better the longer the game went on and eventually got the goal, which we defended badly. We shouldn't be conceding goals like that. We tried to mount some pressure from the back but didn't create too many meaningful chances. Even so, it was still an unnecessary defeat in my opinion. We now have a long break until the Nürnberg game in which we can look at the things we've done well and not so well over the last few weeks."

Christopher Avevor: "We started very emphatically and created some good openings, especially early on, but after a quarter of an hour we lost our way a bit. Sandhausen came into the game much better and were more of a threat. They had some luck when they took the lead with a deflected shot after we had given the ball away. The timing just before the break was bad for us because it left us going into the dressing room with a bad feeling. We soon regained our composure after the interval, though, we kept fighting and went full throttle in the second half. We tried to control the game and were able to regain the initiative, but we lacked punch going forward and so we go home empty-handed."

Philipp Ziereis: "It's so disappointing. We tried to play football, which we managed to do until the final third. The 1-0 defeat is not a fair reflection of the game but that's the way it is in the second division. When you concede a goal like that at the back but don't score yourselves, you lose the game. We now have enough time to go over the game, take a quick breather and then prepare for Nürnberg."

Guido Burgstaller: "I think we started the game well and had some good chances. We conceded the goal just before half-time in a phase where the game was evenly balanced, to be fair. It's tough then, of course. We tried everything we could and had a lot of opportunities but unfortunately didn't take them. If you don't put them away, it's going to be tough. But I'm happy to be here at St. Pauli and I’ll do my best. My aim is to play successful football with St. Pauli."

Dennis Diekmeier (SV Sandhausen): "It was a very hard-fought game and we're happy to have taken the three points. We had some good chances in the first half, and more good chances after the break, but so did St. Pauli. I was going for the far corner, but the ball took a deflection and went in. It was clearly my goal. We can be satisfied with six points from three games. It's always better to go into the international break with a win.


Photos: Witters



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