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Burchert: "To adapt the way you play and have a say in developing it is huge fun"

With the second week of pre-season now underway, Sascha Burchert took time out to speak to the media after training on Monday. Among other things, the keeper spoke about...

...the tour of Scotland: "We didn't waste any time and made optimum use of the trip. On top of a fantastic friendly in front of a big crowd, we had two high-intensity training sessions as well. And we saw a bit of the country as well."

...the advantage of not having too many changes to the squad: "It's an advantage when the players are told early on that they're staying together and you have that framework in place. We developed some energy in the second half of the season and we want to keep it going. Having this core together puts in a good place."

...new signings Hauke Wahl, Philipp Treu and Andreas Albers: "Philipp is young and dynamic and will take us forward with his energy. Hauke is a valuable addition to the team. He's a great fit for us with the way he plays football. Andreas has made a very good impression. Like Hauke, I know him from the league. I can't remember whether he's scored against me or not (laugh).”

...his role in the squad as an experienced player: "I always try to give advice relating to training. I really want to help out in this regard. I've done that at all my clubs over the years and am happy to be able to do the same here."

Sascha Burchert takes to the field with his teammates against Dunfermline.

Sascha Burchert takes to the field with his teammates against Dunfermline.

...the style of play head coach Fabian Hürzeler expects from him: "It has helped us keepers develop because it's a different way of playing. Niko is in his late 20s, I'm into my 30s. To adapt the way you play and have a say in developing it is huge fun. I'm really happy to have a chance to adapt my game and develop it with the team. We're running with it and trying to put it into practice."

...goalkeeper coach Marco Knoop and training with him: "It's a lot of fun for us in the group. His training was completely new to me. It was a big adjustment for me when I arrived last August. You still have potential even when you're a bit older. Every week you realise there are things you have to do better. Marco doesn't let up in that respect and the way he does it is good for your development."

...the battle for the place between the sticks: "I come to training every day and like the others try to perform as well as I can. You can sense that everyone really enjoys coming in to train regardless of whether they play or not. You all want to play, of course. If I'm needed, I try to be ready. In the second half of last season, everyone tried to perform to the best of their ability and give the coach a decision to make, which set us in good stead. Niko was superb after Christmas and a great representative for our goalkeeper training. I'm a competitor and can only do what I can. If my teammate is just as good or better for weeks on end, then that's the way it is. No one's satisfied with coming to training during the week and not playing. Sometimes you have to give more than you take. I'm grateful if I get a game but I want to earn the right as well."

Photos: FC St. Pauli/Witters