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The Boys in Brown entertain SV Darmstadt 98 on Saturday night (20.30 CET) in the third of four consecutive home matches against promotion rivals. In the run-up to the game, head coach Timo Schultz took time out to field questions from the media.

Timo Schultz on…

...the injury situation: "The good news is that James Lawrence and Luca Zander have resumed full training. Eric Smith is almost back to full capacity, as is Daniel-Kofi Kyereh. I think we'll have a big group to choose from this weekend. Eric was out for a few weeks and needs the training to get back to match fitness, but he looks fresh. As for Kofi, we won't be taking any risks but will discuss everything calmly, give it a go in training and then decide whether he's ready for the weekend."

...the week so far: "We've had some good and intensive sessions. The disappointment that was there has transformed into positive energy and we have a great game in front of us now. We've had some really good workouts and want to put in a great performance on Saturday."

...the current standings: "You can piece the form table together however you like but seen over the season as a whole the table shows you where you are and justifiably so. There are some great matches this weekend in terms of the standings. We're looking forward to a top-of-the-table clash and are going in to win it. We're in good shape but have to improve and we're capable of doing that."

...comparisons with the reverse fixture: "You can't compare the two games because both teams are starting from a different position. We have to impose ourselves on the game and want to be active on the ball. We have to press it better, though. If we put in a good performance, it doesn't matter how Darmstadt come at us."

...the low number of bookings so far: "We manage to deal with a lot of situations that way. Every foul we can avoid is good. Every foul we have to take is good as well. If you have to pull out a tactical foul every so often, that's part of the game. A healthy mix is good, but we aren't going to turn into a dirty team for the last few matches."

...opponents Darmstadt: "They're a team who live off their emotionality and energy on the pitch. We're preparing to face a superbly set up Darmstadt side. They have a very balanced squad with big players and like to exploit their physicality."

...the remaining home games: "It's a special situation we're in. We have a chance to achieve something huge and we've had a very good season so far. A packed Millerntor will spur the lads on. I see an advantage in our fans if things aren't going so well because then we can depend on the fans."


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